What, More Rain?

Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

July 2 ~ Day #53
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Current Location: Green Haven Sun Club, Balgonie, Saskatchewan

Today’s Total Expenses: $24.00

Accommodation: $24.00

What, More Rain?

Saskatchewan has received way more rain than they would normally get at this time of the year and it has caused numerous problems for this province – the collapse of a section of the Trans Canada Highway, farmers are not able to get into their field to either sow seeds or cut hay and the mosquitos have been breeding like made and are certainly living up to the name “pest”.

Although it has been sunny and warm since we arrived here, last night we were treated to a thunder and lightning show – which I LOVE!

We also got more rain, but not a lot. I think I heard someone say it was only about 3/10th of an inch. Not bad, really, and our tent was pretty much dry by morning.

More Wildlife Encounters

Today we got to see some gophers and some bunnies frolicking around the campground.

Okay, I may be pushing the “wildlife encounters” just a bit but at least I’m not counting all the moo-cows we see in the fields. That would just be cheating!

Mosquito Update

Now that we are armed with RAID and Muskol insect repellant things are really rather pleasant. We haven’t experienced a recurrence of our first night, or even close, thank goodness.

We should have anticipated mosquitos in Canada in June/July. Just not thinking, I guess.

Just a Relaxing Day

All-in-all I would describe today as just a relaxing day getting to meet new friends.

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