Visiting Pompeii

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Oct 02 ~ Day #145
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Current Location: Capaccio, Italy

Today’s Total Expenses: $88.06

Accommodation: $43.50
Food: $15.10 (€11.28 groceries)
Entertainment: $29.46 (€22.00 entrance to Pompeii ruins)

Miles Traveled Today:
Road Miles: 295 (Montepulciano to Capaccio)

Birthday to Celebrate

Today is Geoff’s daughter’s birthday. Happy Birthday, J. We love you!

Long Drive from Tuscany to Southern Italy

We gathered up our luggage, had a good breakfast, bid goodbye to our Italian hosts at the farmhouse and started off on the long drive (almost 300 miles) to our next hotel in Capaccio.

Capaccio is south of Napoli (Naples) and just spitting distance from the famous Amalfi Coast.

Changing Landscape and Scenery

As we drove south we passed many small villages perched on hillsides. Many of these had at least one large church and frequently were protected by some ancient castle ruins.

The weather became warmer and we even started to spot some palms trees along the way.

It appears that Southern Italy is not as prosperous as the North. Many of the villages had an old, tired and rundown look to them. At times it almost felt like we were in a less traveled part of Mexico.

The Ruins of Pompeii

Both of us a very interested in ancient ruins. And, the chance to visit Pompeii simply couldn’t be missed.

Our traveling companions were not as interested but they did join us for a while before heading off to have a picnic lunch.

As we had a schedule to keep, we were only able to spend a couple of hours at the ruins.

We had no idea just how extensive the excavation of Pompeii actually was. It’s acres and acres and parts are still being excavated.

You can actually see wall paintings, mosaic tile art and even ancient graffiti!

The site does offer guided tours and if we had had more time we would have done that.

We will simply have to return some day because we could, literally, spend days exploring the ruins.

We also had no idea that the ruins are right in the middle of the thriving city of modern Pompeii. Whenever we though of Pompeii, we just assumed it was only the ruins and nothing else.

Traffic Jam

Just after we got back on the highway, the traffic slowed right down and then stopped completely.

It was probably because of an accident. That doesn’t surprise me in the least because, I’m sorry, but Italian drivers are CRAZY!

We ended up being at a standstill for at least an hour.

Hotel in Capaccio

In Capaccio we had a 2-bedroom efficiency unit that was pretty basic but sufficient for our needs.

After dropping our suitcases we headed out to Agropoli, on the Amalfi Coast, and watched the sun set into the sea.

We then picked up a few groceries and headed back to the hotel.

T & E opted to head out to a local restaurant for dinner while we enjoyed a tasty, home cooked meal.

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