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Nov 15 ~ Day #189
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Current Location: Caliente Resort, Land O’Lakes, Florida

Today’s Total Expenses: $62.95

Accommodation: $28.14 (timeshare)
Food: $34.81 (groceries)

Miles Traveled Today:

Grocery Shopping

It was time for another grocery run today. With just a tiny fridge in our room we aren’t able to get very much at one time.

Mani-Pedi for Me!

I’m generally not very good at keeping my nails nice, but the last little while I’ve been making a real effort.

So, while we were out shopping (actually, Geoff did most of the grocery shopping on his own), I was treated to a manicure and pedicure.

It was fantastic! I’m not sure exactly how long it took but Geoff was able to get all the shopping done and still had to wait for me to be finished.

I love being pampered like this and wish I could do it more often.

Riverboat Resort

Just down the road for Caliente are two more clothing-optional resorts. We decided to go for a walk and check out the Riverboat Resort.

While I find Caliente a little too large and impersonal, I’m afraid I found Riverboat at bit too small and even a little grungy.

We were given a tour by a very friendly young woman that I can really only describe as a “hippy chick”. She extolled all the virtues of the resort – pool, hot tub, restaurant/clubhouse and seemed very happy there.

I think Geoff liked it too, but I’m not sure I’d be happy here.

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