Vicky's Birthday Cake

Vicky’s Birthday

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July 5 ~ Day #56
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Current Location: Schreiber, Ontario

Vicky’s Birthday Cake

Vicky’s Birthday
As we get older each birthday seems to be more and more traumatic as we realize how little time we have left to do all the things on our “Bucket List”.

Also the advancing years seem to affect each of us differently. Vicky has a youthful outlook and is a joy to be around. She is my best friend and I love her with all my heart – Happy Birthday.

Leaving Kenora
We have a long drive today as Vicky wants to get to Schreiber, Ontario where her daughter lives. We packed up as early as we could and went to McDonalds for breakfast to save a little time (Ugh!).

We did take half an hour to take a few photos before we left because Kenora and the Lake Of The Woods is a beautiful area and well worth visiting.

Thunder Bay
We drove right through to Thunder Bay and didn’t stop until we got to the Terry Fox memorial park where we had lunch.
If you don’t remember the story, Terry Fox was the one-legged cancer sufferer that tried to run all the way across Canada. He made it as far as Thunder Bay. Believe it or not that was in 1980, that’s 30 years ago.

We made it to Schreiber in time for supper and birthday cake that granddaughters M and C had decorated.

On the advice of the local fire department they had refrained from adding a candle for each year. Boy I’m in trouble now 🙂

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