Universal City Walk – Not!

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Aug 17 ~ Day #99
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Current Location: Kissimmee, Florida

Today’s Total Expenses: $81.52

Accommodation: $30.00
Food: $51.52

Heat Wave Continues

It looks like we’re not getting much of a break from the heatwave. Today we actually hit 103 Deg. F and it’s humid as well. Pretty brutal!

Search for Electrical Adapter

With the European portion of our trip coming up fast, we figured it was time to start looking for the appropriate electrical adapters.

Of Major concern, of course, is our MacBook Pro laptop. We’ll need to be able to charge it in both the UK and in Europe. Fortunately, because it’s a Mac, we only need the adapter and not a bulky transformer. Mac’s can handle both 120V and 240V.

Our search took us to the Florida Mall which has an Apple Store. We checked adapters at both the Apple Store and at Radio Shack but Geoff hasn’t made a decision on which place he’ll buy the adapter yet.

While we were in the mall we also wanted to get the battery in Geoff’s watch checked. It had only been replaced this past April and at a kiosk in this very mall – we just weren’t sure which one.

As it turns out, the battery is fine, it’s the watch that’s dead!

I guess it was to be expected. His Seiko watch is now well over 20 years old, so it’s probably time to replace it, or not. Geoff actually doesn’t wear a watch much.

Universal City Walk

The plan was to go from the mall to Universal City Walk.

From what we’d read about Universal City Walk it sounded a lot like Downtown Disney – a neat place to walk around with shops, restaurants and a few attractions.

We assumed that, just like Downtown Disney, the parking would be free for such a venue.

Apparently not. They wanted to charge us $15.00 for parking, so we just gave it a miss.

Sorry Universal, but charging for parking for City Walk is about the same as charging for parking at a shopping mall. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

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