Lunenburg and the Bluenose II

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Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

In our search for the typical fishing village of our imagination, many people we spoke to suggested Lunenburg.

We were fortunate that the day we chose to visit Lunenburg was sunny and 72 deg F. Certainly not as warm as we are used to but quite pleasant nonetheless.

We decided to take the scenic coastal route and avoid any major highways that are all starting to look the same anyway.

Along the way we passed through Mahone Bay and made a mental note to stop there on the way back as it seemed picturesque and vibrant.

Fish & Chips

We arrived in Lunenburg right about lunchtime, found a place to park and went in search of fish & chips for lunch.

We looked at a few menus and settled on a restaurant called “Big Red’s” overlooking the wharf in Lunenburg.

Apparently the building used to be the old jail – conveniently located near the docks.

We chose this restaurant for two reasons – the location and the fact that they proudly advertised their fish & chips. In a lot of the other restaurants, we had to search their menu to see if they even had fish & chips!

Our waitress was bright and cherry and said their fish & chips, which came with coleslaw, homemade bread and tartar sauce, were great.

We confidently ordered our lunch and splurged for extra fish as well.

While the meal was nice, we have had better and so were not “wowed” by the experience. But we did manage to clean our plates!

Bluenose II

Another reason for visiting Lunenburg is because it is the home of the famous Bluenose sailing ship.

The original Bluenose was built in 1921 and sank off the coast of Haiti in 1946. The Bluenose II was built in 1963.

If the Bluenose is in port you can actually buy tickets to sail on her. We went to inquire as to the cost of such an excursion but were told that the ship was being refitted and would not be back in service until 2012! We did, however, manage to get a pictures of the stripped down hull.

Mahone Bay

After walking around some of the colourful houses and shops of Lunenburg we decided to head back towards Mahone Bay.

This picturesque town is worth the visit and presents lots of photo ops.

Again, we spent some time walking around and even popped into a local museum.

Oak Island Museum – Capt. Kidd’s Treasure

The Oak Island Museum in Mahone Bay is tiny but packed full of information. Another piece of Canadian history and lore that few people have heard of.

There have been several attempts to locate the infamous treasure and a booby-trapped shaft, along with other mysterious structures, have been found but still no treasure.

The island is now privately owned and access is restricted.

Bay Hammocks, Seabright, NS

On our way back to our campsite we decided to stop in on a hammock store we had noticed on the way out. Their sign said “Watch Hammocks Being Made”.

We’re sure glad we stopped. It was fascinating!

Lynn, a master hammock maker, gave us a tour showing us everything from how the cord is made to how each style of hammock is put together.

It was a pleasure to listen to her talk about her profession with genuine pride and enthusiasm.

Our favourite hammock was the Yucatan model.

Each hammock is handmade locally with a choice of style and cord.

I can’t wait until we are able to order one (or more) for ourselves.

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