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Aug 14 ~ Day #96
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Current Location: Wyndham Cypress Palms Resort, Kissimmee, Florida

Today’s Total Expenses: $155.00

Accommodation: $30.00
Food: $125.00

Great Night’s Sleep & Leisurely Breakfast

What a great night’s sleep in a wonderfully cushy king-size bed!

As we didn’t have any plans for the day except the timeshare tour and grocery shopping, we were able to sleep in a bit and then have a leisurely breakfast with freshly made coffee – heaven!

We’ve been having mostly instant coffee while camping and, while that’s fine, nothing beats freshly brewed coffee.

Timeshare Presentation

As we mentioned yesterday, we had agreed to a timeshare presentation at 11:30am today. We knew what to expect. After all, we own timeshare at two different resorts.

We didn’t expect that the presentation would be at a different resort to the one we were staying at. We were surprised when the salesperson that was assigned to us took us to his car and drove us to another resort several miles away.

Yes, it was a beautiful resort, but Wyndham uses Points and we’re not particularly enamored with the Points system that a lot of timeshare resorts are now using.

Our timeshare in Phoenix uses the Points system. It, too, is a drop-dead gorgeous resort. However, we have never been happy with what we get when we use the points we have there to trade into another resort.

We were told that this presentation would take about 90 minutes. But, because we were driven to another location, we felt we were almost being held captive.

We made it clear we didn’t like the Points system, we made it clear we already owned timeshare and that we felt what we had was sufficient and yet the presentation lasted almost THREE HOURS!

And, true to our word, we didn’t buy any more timeshare.

Wal-Mart, Groceries and Clothes on Sale

We took our $125 gift card for the 3-hour long presentation we went through and headed to a Wal-Mart Supercenter to do our grocery shopping for the next two weeks.

Well, we certainly got the groceries and actually spent exactly $125! No, it wasn’t planned.

What also wasn’t planned was to find a bunch of clothes on sale at close-out prices.

Geoff got a new shirt and I got, well, a few more items than he did. 🙂 But, for his shirt, my shirts and pants, we only spent $16.00 because of the sale prices. We didn’t spend any more than $4.00 for any single item and most of them were $3.00!

My shopping urge was satisfied – for today, anyway!

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