The Show Must Go On

Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

July 17 ~ Day #68
Budget to date
Spent today
Total to date
Daily average
Miles by Road
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Total Statute Miles
3856 [4437]

Current Location: Campground, Sandstone, Minnesota

More Lousy Weather
The morning started out OK but a little overcast. By the afternoon it had morphed into a steady rain. There was nothing to do but sit in the tent and wait it out.

Most of the activities are planned for today but the common area is outdoors and is only covered by a sun screen.

Great Meal
Fortunately around supper time there was a break in the rain long enough to serve up a wonderful catered buffet. There was lots of food for everyone and seconds for anyone that wanted it. We’ve had a lifetime of going for seconds and the figures to prove it so we are trying to be good.

Next up was a hypnotist show that was hilarious and only possible in an adult environment. I’ve never really believed in hypnotism but I’d never seen it done before. I don’t think it would work on me but I’d be willing to volunteer if I get another chance.

Act Three
Like true professionals the resident troupe presented act three even though the light rain made the stage slippery. It was a lot of fun and they did a great job.

It’s Over
Unfortunately the rain just wouldn’t hold off any longer and just like that it was the end of festivities. I hope we will be able to get the tent dried off before we pack it up tomorrow.

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