Tenerife, The Canary Islands

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Oct 30 ~ Day #173
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Current Location: On Board the Celebrity Century visiting Tenerife, Canary Islands

Today’s Total Expenses: $102.34

Cruise: $102.34 (cruise cost includes transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment)

Miles Traveled Today:
Sea Miles: 324.5 (282 Nautical Miles – Madeira to Tenerife)


Geoff and I have been to Tenerife before but that was a very, very long time ago. I think it may have been around 1989 or 1990. And, we were at a different part of the island than we are now.

So, it will be like discovering it for the first time and that’s true for this part of the island, anyway.

Getting A Replacement Camera

While exploring we stumbled across and electronics store and checked out the items they had in their windows.

We noticed a Sony digital video camera that seemed like a good price so we stopped in to check it out.

Actually, Geoff checked it out. They also had watches and jewelry in the store, so I browsed those things while a salesman demonstrated the camera for Geoff.

No, I didn’t buy anything, I just browsed.

After the salesman had finished showing Geoff the camera, we discussed it and then plunked down some plastic and bought it. We were just so tired of not having a camera with us.

As this was our second-to-last stop before heading back to Miami, it may seem like an odd time to actually break down and get another camera, but we did it anyway.

Next thing was to get it charged so that we could start recording video.

So Many Shoes, So Little Time

While exploring the town further, we also found a shoe store that was simply unbelievable. Really.

There were stacks and stacks and stacks of shoes and most of the prices were €1.00, €3.00 and €6.00! There were very few shoes priced higher than that.

Geoff actually said, “With prices like that, get as many as you want.”

I was in shoe heaven!

I didn’t know where to start, but I was certainly trying to pick out several types of shoes that I would like to try on.

I had only made a few selections, and hadn’t even tried any on yet, when one of the sales clerks indicated that we had to leave – the store was closing. What? I only just got here.

We had arrived just a little after 1:00pm and apparently the store closed at 1:30pm.

Okay. Closing for lunch is pretty normal in Europe. I asked what time they would re-open. After all, we were in port for a while, so we could come back.

Well, as it was Saturday, 1:30pm was their closing time for the day. They wouldn’t be re-opening until Monday! By Monday we’d be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

I was devastated. I hadn’t even tried anything on yet. But, they didn’t care, they just wanted us out of the store so they could close.

So, I left this amazing shoe store, where I was told I could buy what ever I wanted, without making a single purchase! Waaahh!!

Doing the Tourist Thing

As the Canary Islands were our last stop where we would need Euros, and we still a few left, we did the touristy thing and actually bought some t-shirts with Tenerife on them.

They were actually a pretty good deal and we liked the quality of the t-shirts, too. They weren’t those awful thin shirts but a good weight and very soft.

We bought three of them at €3.75 ($4.94) each. Two for Geoff and one for me and that all but used up our last Euros.

Even though there is VAT (valued added tax) in Europe, I like the fact that it is already included in the price of things. So, the price you see if the price you pay. The tax doesn’t get added on on top of the price like it does in Canada and the U.S.

That made it easy to figure out if we had enough money to buy the t-shirts and how many we could afford. As we only had about €12.00 left, we were able to buy three t-shirts.

Again, we have not added this into the daily expenses as this is a discretionary expense and not really a cost of traveling. Other people may not find the need to make such a purchase.


Tonight’s entertainment featured two performers – Sideshow Bert, who we’d seen earlier in the cruise – and Mario D’Andrea.

Mario D’Andrea is billed as a mixed up Italian from Australia. He has a great voice and does wonderful impersonations of such celebrities as Dean Martin, Tom Jones and Englebert Humperdink.

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again

Tonight we turned back the clocks another hour. It’s something that will be happening a lot on this cruise.

We also find it much easier to deal with the time change this way. When you fly you have to deal with the time changes immediately.

I guess that’s why there’s “jet lag” but I’ve never heard of “cruise lag”.

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