St. Regis Campground, New York

Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

July 27 ~ Day #78
Budget to date
Spent today
Total to date
Daily average
Miles by Road
Nautical Miles
Miles by Air
Miles by Train
Total Statute Miles
3856 [4437]

Current Location: St. Regis Campground

Today’s Total Expenses: $82.67

Transportation: $45.00
Accommodation: $20.00
Food: $17.04

Tim Horton’s Doughnut Shops in the US!

We have started noticing the presence of a lot of Tim Horton’s Doughnut Shops in the northern US states. Tim Horton’s is a Canadian chain started many, many years ago by the hockey player – you guessed it – Tim Horton!

You just can’t beat the doughnuts and coffee at Tim Horton’s.

Go Timmy’s!!!

It’s Summer and Hotels are EXPENSIVE!

During today’s drive we thought we might want to stay at a hotel if we could find a reasonable one.

We used Madge (our Magellan GPS) to show us the hotels that were along the way.

Not only were the prices high but most of the hotels we called were fully booked.

Yep, it must be summer.

St. Regis Campground

We had Madge (our Magellan GPS) find us a campground along the route as we figured that would be the only reasonably priced option for us for tonight.

We stopped at St. Regis Campground in Northern New York and it was reasonable – $20.00 – and gave us a chance to dry out our tent as we had had to pack it up wet.

Dinner was a bit of a challenge because, even though this campground had water and electricity available, there were no picnic tables.

So, Geoff set up the Coleman stove on the ground and we did the best we could.

Canned Chinese Food

Apparently I still haven’t learned about buying canned Chinese food. It always looks so good on the can and sounds delicious, but I’ve done this often enough to know that the results are not good.

However, we had bought two cans of Chinese food and I decided to cook one of them tonight. The results were predictable – disappointing.

Note to self: NEVER, NEVER buy canned Chinese food again.

Watching Movies on our Mac

Along the way, when there is nothing else to do in the evenings, we have started to watch movies on our Mac and that’s what we did tonight before drifting off to sleep.

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