Seattle, Washington


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May 24 ~ Day # 14
Budget to date
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Current Location: Seattle, Washington

Today’s Mileage: 0 Total: 4340

Today’s Total Expenses: $64.49

Accommodation: $42.20
Food: $17.79
Misc: 4.50 (Laundry)

Seattle, Washington

We were very pleased with our room until this morning when we discovered we had no hot water for showers. The girl on the desk apologized and said the maintenance staff would look at it ASAP. We were contemplating the idea of just washing the smelly bits when she offered us the key to a vacant room so we could take our showers. This is the kind of customer service we like to see.

The Howard Johnson’s version of the free breakfast was better than most in selection and presentation but still mostly carbs. Sugary cereals, muffins etc. I guess we are going to have to take the breakfast off our criteria list when searching for a room because we are always disappointed.

Clean and fed we headed off to downtown Seattle for my meeting. Like any big modern city parking in Seattle is a problem. At least it’s a problem if you don’t want to spend a week’s grocery budget just to park your car for a few hours.

We thought we had struck gold when we saw a sign for 2 hrs parking for only $6. But like country bumpkins in the city for the first time we forgot to read the fine print. We arrived back at the parking garage after 2hrs and 10 minutes to discover the $6 was now $14. We are not adding this to our trip budget as we only parked here for my meeting.

By the time we got back to the hotel it was time for supper. An early supper but since we had skipped lunch that was OK. Denny’s is right across the street from the hotel so it was pretty much a no brainer particularly since our room key gave us a 10% discount.

Turned out we didn’t need the discount since Denny’s was having Coupon Monday Madness. Just bring in any coupon at all and the entrée is 2 for 1. We didn’t have any coupons but our waitress pointed out that there were highway hotel books in the lobby.

Huge salad, grilled chicken, two sides, dinner rolls, unlimited drinks for two just $17.79 including a $3 tip.

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