Salt Lake City to Boise

Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

May 22 ~ Day # 12
Budget to date
Spent today
Total to date
Daily average

Current Location: Boise, Idaho

Today’s Mileage: 359 Total: 3837

Today’s Total Expenses: $142.07

Transportation: $65.40
Accommodation: $57.51
Food: $19.16

Sure, Vicky gets to talk about the incredible drive from Monument Valley to Salt Lake City – I get Idaho. It’s flat. That’s it. Oh and it’s the end of May and it snowed. Not just a few flakes but stay on the ground, everyone head for the ditch whiteout snow. Don’t believe me, we have pictures.

If you’re one of the morons that questions climate change go back and read the last paragraph again. Notice I said climate change and not global warming. Unfortunately the scientists named the problem after what is actually happening but they didn’t expect all the folks in the short bus to not believe them ‘cause they didn’t get palm trees in their back yards.

Anyway it was snowing so hard we had no choice but to spend the night in Boise. We had picked up one of the highway hotel magazines in McDonald’s when we stopped for coffee so we checked for coupon specials. We found what looked like the best deal which was at the Rodeway Inn for $39.95. They offered a huge hot breakfast, free wifi and pool (which we passed on given the current conditions). Also they are part of the Choice Hotel group and we have one of their loyalty cards so we collected some points.

When we arrived we were informed that all the rooms for the coupon special were gone and we would have to pay $10 more for a king bed. What the hell does the furniture have to do with pricing a room. Does a king bed cost more than the two queen beds in most hotel rooms? So with a king bed and tax our $39.95 room cost $57.51 – ouch.

Hotels tend to frown on anyone firing up a camp stove in the room so it was off to Denny’s for supper. I know old farts like us and Denny’s is such a cliché but it’s hard to find better value. At least in any Denny’s outside of Idaho. For some incomprehensible reason, here they equate meat loaf with hamburger patty. The staff were polite and apologetic but it still tasted awful.

We capped off this unusually expensive day with a $65.40 tank of gas. Every single gas station in Boise we passed was $3.09 a gallon.

While I’m on a rant let’s talk about free wifi. The Rodeway Inn offered free wifi and surprise it actually worked. This has not been our experience as we travel across the country. Usually you are tantalized by the network name appearing in the selection box only to be disappointed as you try to log in and fail because the signal is so weak. Even many of the MacDonald’s we have stopped at have problems. If you are in business and advertise free wifi as an incentive to make the traveller stop please make sure the bloody system works. I really don’t want to hear, “Sorry, the day manager changed the password and I don’t know what it is.” Arhhh!

If you’re from Idaho and want to defend your state please feel free to post a comment below. I’m sure there must be something good to say about it.

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