Remember When Baked Beans Filled The Can?

Baked-BeansWe both work pretty hard each day keeping our stores healthy and responding to customers but Vicky seems to do the bulk of the work so I at least try to make lunch for us. Nothing fancy, just soup or a sandwich. Today I was craving some baked beans on toast but when I opened the can I couldn’t see any beans.

I Remember When …

Do you remember when there were so many beans in a can of baked beans that there was hardly any room for the juice. They used to be packed in the can so tightly you had to slap the bottom of the can silly just to get them out. Then they sat in a lump in the bottom of the saucepan until you pried them apart with the serving spoon.

Things Have Changed

Nowadays you can pretty much count the beans as they float in the watery liquid. Forget about having beans on toast because after you drain all the juice there aren’t enough beans left to cover the toast.

Did I miss the memo about beans becoming a rare commodity or are the food companies just getting incredibly greedy and splitting the contents of one can between three.

I understand about inflation, costs of everything go up and I would gladly pay the extra few pennies if they would just fill the baked bean cans like they used to when I was a kid. I don’t want half a can of watery tomato or molasses juice, I just want beans.

Make You Own

Fortunately I’m married to wonderful cook and making a big pot of home style baked beans is no challenge at all. Here is Vicky’s recipe for her special Baked Beans. Please let her know if you like the recipe. And if you know any brand that still packs the can full please let everyone know about that too.

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