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Nov 13 ~ Day #187
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Current Location: Caliente Resort, Land O’Lakes, Florida

Today’s Total Expenses: $28.14

Accommodation: $28.14 (timeshare)

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Zumba Class

Caliente Resort offers a lot of activities, particularly on the weekends. Today we decided to take advantage of their Zumba class.

What a hoot that was! It’s a combination of aerobics and salsa. At times we had a little difficulty keeping up and we wish they had taken just a little more time explaining some of the steps before we got right into it. However, all-in-all we had great fun and it was certainly a good work out, too. We plan to look into getting DVDs or something like that when we get home.

Nak’d Truth Casting Call

As we mentioned in an earlier post, Caliente is hosting a new reality show called the Nak’d Truth. Today is the casting call with people from all over the country vying for a place in the show.

We had thought that we would be able to watch the casting interviews but apparently that was not to be. The entire area was roped off and open only to cast and crew.

Hot Tub & Conversation Pool Roped Off

Unfortunately the area they were using for the casting interviews was where the hot tub and conversation pool were. The conversation pool is a long, narrow, shallow pool with built in seats.

This was our favorite area. We both like hot tubs and when we got too hot we’d just head over the conversation pool for a while. But both were off limits for today at least.

Fortunately Caliente has several pools, so we headed over to another one but the other pools were, of course, pretty crowded with it being the weekend and the other areas being off limits.

Comedy Show

There was a comedy show scheduled for this evening in the main bar. We were really looking forward to that.

After putting a dinner together for ourselves in our room we headed over to the clubhouse and into the bar to settle in for the comedy show.

I guess it wasn’t too bad, but we’ve seen much better comedians. They were supposed to be professional comedians but it felt more like they were amateurs.

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