Phoenix to Grand Canyon

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May 19 ~ Day #9
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Current Location: Grand Canyon

Today’s Mileage: 248  Total: 2798

Today’s Total Expenses: $138.93

Transportation: $57.00
Accommodation: $18.00
Food: $42.93
Entertainment: $25.00

Leaving Phoenix

It was difficult to leave our friends in Phoenix and continue on our journey. It was such a pleasant visit and being back in Phoenix felt like being home.

But, it was time to get back on the road again as we had a campground reservation at Mather Campground in the Grand Canyon Park. So we hit the road again and headed North to the Grand Canyon.

Before we left, our friends reminded us that it would be much cooler at the Grand Canyon and so we thought it was wise to pick up an extra blanket along the way.

Rising elevation = lower temperatures

As we headed North on I-17 the temperature dropped as the elevation increased, but it was still pleasant and sunny all the way to Flagstaff.

After a brief stop in Flagstaff for a few more groceries and, of course, the extra blanket, we continued on to the Grand Canyon.

The Park entrance fee for the Grand Canyon is $25.00 per vehicle. The pass is good for 7 days and for in-and-out during that seven day period. Not a bad price for a week-long pass but a bit steep if you only plan to stay overnight, which is what we were doing.

Senior citizens that are US citizens or permanent residents can get a considerable discount. If this applies to you, be sure to inquire as you can get discounts on both the park pass and the camping fees.

As we drove in we noticed that the Mather Campground was full, so we were glad that we had pre-booked our tent site online a couple of days earlier.

As it was still relatively early in the afternoon, we found our campsite and then headed off to take in some views of the Grand Canyon. As soon as we got near the rim I discovered that my fear of unprotected edges was still very much intact. My sweaty palms and elevated heart rate made that fact very clear. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the views and particularly enjoyed them when there was a nice, sturdy railing for me to hold on to.

It’s hard to describe the beauty and grandeur of the Grand Canyon. This is our second visit. I remember thinking, on our first visit, that we were just going to look at some big hole in the ground but I was totally awestruck when we got there and saw the canyon for the first time.

My only advice is, if you’ve never been – GO!

After taking in the view from several vantage points we headed back to our campsite and got the tent up in record time. Geoff is very good at getting it all together and – hey – I help some, too.

I started making preparations for dinner and the temperature continued to drop. It was really starting to feel quite cool. Living in a warm climate most of the time it’s easy to forget just how cold cold is

When I was packing for our trip I opted for a light cotton blouse to use as a jacket instead of a few warm fuzzy jackets that I actually have. What was I thinking? Well, obviously, I wasn’t thinking and I was now paying the price. But, Geoff to the rescue! He let me use his jacket while we were having dinner and watching a movie on the computer before settling down for the night.

I don’t know how cold it actually got through the night but we we’re both freezing, even with the extra blanket. We were both looking forward to morning when it would, hopefully, warm up again.

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