Downtown Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona

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May 18 ~ Day # 8
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Current Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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Downtown Phoenix

I love Phoenix. We lived here for about three years in a new house that I had built to my design. If we were Americans (I’m English/Canadian and Vicky is Canadian) this is absolutely where we would make our home.

Phoenix and the surrounding cities have all been built since the 1950’s and all to a master plan. The only time you see traffic congestion is during construction or an accident. The city is surrounded by a series of concentric ring roads with convenient connectors so traffic flow is very efficient.

While I’m talking about highways I must mention the highway art in Arizona. The highway interchanges and retaining walls are all decorated with desert art. Each one is different and all blend in to the clean desert environment.

Today we are staying with our friends D & V at their home in Scottsdale. Unfortunately D is a pilot and he had to leave on a trip this morning so we only got to visit for a little while last night. V also had to go to work so Vicky and I spent the day catching up on our web sites and just relaxing around the pool.

V cooked some wonderful steaks on the “barby” and after a few glasses of wine it was off to an early night so we could catch up on some of the sleep we seem to be missing.

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