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July 16 ~ Day #67
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Current Location: Campground, Sandstone, Minnesota

The Games People Play
We have mentioned several times that nudist are generally friendlier than most people we meet at regular campgrounds but even nudist carry a lot of social inhibitions meeting new people. With so many strangers getting together an afternoon of people games helped to get introductions going.

Duck Buddy
This is a simple game that consists of pink and blue ‘rubber duckies’ floating in a kids wading pool. Each set of ducks has a unique number written on the bottom. Everyone takes a random duck from the pool then tries to find their ‘duck buddy’ that has the same number.

You have five minutes to find out as much as possible about your duck buddy and then answer questions about what you discovered.

People Bingo
In People Bingo everyone gets a blank sheet divided with a ten by ten grid. You then madly try to fill each grid space with the names of the other players. The host then goes randomly to each player and you check them off if you have their name on your sheet. Just like regular Bingo but with people.

Evenings Entertainment
The evening kicked off with another dance and even though we are breaking into occasional bouts of violent coughing we are determined to have fun.

Act two of the residents play was presented during a break in the dance and was a surprisingly professional performance.

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