Our Second Day in Venice

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Oct 11 ~ Day #154
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Current Location: Hotel Matre, Venice, Italy

Today’s Total Expenses: $106.46

Accommodation: $87.03 (€65.00)

Food: $19.43 (€14.51)

Miles Traveled Today:
Nothing to record for today.

Pastry and Cappuccino

As we mentioned yesterday, our hotel room rate included a continental breakfast. Actually, it included a pastry of our choice and a coffee of our choice at a tiny corner café near the hotel.

We each picked our pastry and ordered cappuccino. The delivered both to our bar-height table. Both were delicious and we enjoyed them slowly while doing some people-watching.

We again braved the maze that is Venice with map in hand in case we got totally lost.

At first we thought we might try to find the pizza/gelato take-away we had visited yesterday. But, with every turn, bridge and canal looking pretty much the same, we gave up the search and enjoyed finding new places.

More Groceries

Before getting more groceries we needed to stop at an ATM to get some cash. We were, of course, nervous that we might encounter the same problem we had in Greece, but it worked and we got enough Euros to buy more groceries.

I didn’t mention yesterday that the grocery stores actually charge €0.05 for each plastic bag, so today we were armed with the plastic bags from yesterday’s grocery run. I guess this is a good way to encourage recycling.

We were careful not to buy too much as our tiny fridge couldn’t hold very much.

but, as we enjoyed our €0.70 wine so much last night, today we splurged and bought the wine that was €1.40!

After dropping the groceries back at our room and having a bit of lunch, we again went exploring.

Beautiful Glass Jewelry

In several shop windows I kept noticing some unusual looking jewelry – pendants, earrings and sets.

After stopping to get a good look it finally dawned on me that these were made of glass. Many of them hand very intricate patterns blown into the glass such as flowers and geometric shapes. There were also all kinds of colors and color combinations to choose from.

With a sigh, I remembered our budget and tore myself away from the store window.

Expensive Pasta

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought of pasta as a fairly inexpensive dish. Well, not in Italy.

When we would look at some of the menus displayed outside of restaurants it always confused us when a plate of spaghetti was priced higher than a meat dish. And, lasagna seemed to be particularly expensive.

However, we stopped by a small deli that had a large selection of pasta dishes for take-away. We thought this might be a cheaper way to buy lasagna than at a restaurant. But, apparently a small piece, barely enough for the two of us, would be more than €7.00!

We said “no thanks” and headed home to make sandwiches and enjoy our wine.

Evening Constitutional

Once again we headed out for an evening stroll and enjoyed the sights and sounds and people.

On the way back we contemplated buying some strawberries from one of the street vendors but just couldn’t bring ourselves to pay the outrageous prices. Truly, we wouldn’t have paid those prices even if we weren’t on a budget.

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