Our Last Full Day in Venice

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Oct 12 ~ Day #155
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Current Location: Hotel Matre, Venice, Italy

Today’s Total Expenses: $120.38

Accommodation: $87.03 (€65.00)

Food: $33.35 (€24.91)
Consisting of:
Rotisserie chicken: €5.50
Groceries: €12.41
Cheeseburger Lunch: €7.00

Miles Traveled Today:
Nothing to record for today.

Today is our last full day in Venice. It’s off to Treviso tomorrow and then back to the UK for a couple of days. On Saturday, it’s back to the Bristol airport for our flight to Alicante, Spain.

Breakfast at the Café

We really enjoyed our pastry and cappuccino at the corner café yesterday and looked forward to going again this morning.

While we stuck with the cappuccino as our coffee of choice, we each picked a different pastry than we had yesterday. I selected one that hand some chocolate in it and Geoff chose one with an apricot filling. Both were lightly dusted with powdered sugar. Really bad for us but oh so good!

Deal at a Deli

We set out to continue exploring Venice and passed a deli that was selling whole rotisserie-cooked chickens for €5.50. Considering that a small piece of lasagna we had thought about buying was €7.00, this seemed like a really good deal.

We made note of the location and decided we’d pick one up on our way back to the hotel that day. It would make a good dinner.

However, just a few steps down the road we though better of that. It was quite likely that, if we didn’t buy the chicken now, we were running the risk of none being left later.

We retraced our steps, bought the chicken, took it back to our hotel room and stored it safely in the tiny fridge that was still stoically working.

Dinner assured, we again set out.

San Marco Basilica and Square

Our goal for today was to visit San Marco Square. The map we had helped guide us to this famous location.

After many turns, bridges and canals our path opened on to the huge Saint Mark’s (San Marcos) Square.

The square boats lots of outdoor cafés and, of course, throngs of tourists.

Keeping Our Feet Dry

Everyone knows that Venice is a series of canals and is surrounded by water. Not only that, Venice is slowly, and unevenly, sinking.

During our exploration of Venice we had noticed, at times, some of the canals overflowing their banks, including the canal right outside our hotel.

We had also seen stacks of things that looked like long, low tables. They had a plywood top screwed to a metal frame with legs about two feet tall. At first we thought they were tables for the street vendors but they’d seemed too low for such a purpose.

It wasn’t until we were in San Marco Square, and it was flooding, that we understood their purpose.

They were used as platforms to put over flooded section so you could walk on them and keep your feet dry!

That’s why we had seen stacks of them all over Venice. We now saw them in use in San Marco Square. We used them ourselves to walk over some flooded sections so we could get into San Marco Church for a tour.

Missing Our Camera

We wish we had photos to share of the ornate clock in San Marco Square, the tower that is under restoration and the church itself.

Cruise Ships in Venice

After touring the church we walked out to the ocean, just off the piazza, to watch a cruise ship entering Venice.

We then strolled along the water and crossed many canal bridges to find ourselves in a very wide street – very unusual for Venice.

Treating Ourselves to Lunch

This unusually wide street had several outdoor cafés and we decided to treat ourselves to lunch.

We began checking the various offerings and the related prices. We settled on a tiny café with just a few tables inside and couple of tables out in the warm sun.

We chose to sit outside because it was such a warm, sunny day. We did, though have to ask them to open the awning because it was actually a little too sunny. Once we had a bit of shade, it was perfect.

We had already checked the posted menu before we sat down, but we again looked over what was available before making our final choices.

As we have mentioned before, pasta dishes are very expensive in Italy and we’re not really sure why. So, we passed on a plate of spaghetti and both ordered fresh-made cheeseburgers and fries which were considerably less expensive. For the both of us, the bill came to just €7.00.

Murano Glass Jewelry

We used the map we had of Venice to get ourselves headed back toward our hotel, but by a different route.

We did hit a dead-end once and had to double back but mostly we made progress while getting to see even more of Venice.

Along the way I continued to ooh and aah at the beautiful glass jewelry that we’d seen in so many shops.

To my surprise, Geoff said, “You should get a set.” Meaning a set of earrings and a pendant.

I mentioned the budget but he said that we never waste money on cheap souvenirs and we will likely not return to Venice. And, what better place to buy glass jewelry but in Venice, a city that is famous for its Murano glass.

Isn’t he sweet? How could I say no?

Being the savvy shoppers that we are and also, given the fact that a lot of stores sold this kind of jewelry, we did look for the best price.

We found it at a tiny shop that sold nothing but the glass jewelry sets. After spending quite a bit of time looking at, I’m sure, everything they had in the store, I made my selection.

I chose a set that had an off-white flower in the center, tinged with a burnt orange accent and set against a black background. The pendant and earrings were tear-drop shaped.

Every time I wear them I will think of our time in Venice.

Another Grocery Run and Back to the Hotel

Yet another grocery run but not too much because we’re off to Treviso tomorrow so we’ll be checking out of our hotel in the morning and saying farewell to our tiny fridge.

Once back in our room we enjoyed the rotisserie chicken we had bough, with a small salad and more of our amazingly good, amazingly cheap, wine.

We had enough leftovers to pack ourselves a lunch for the bus ride from Venice to Treviso tomorrow.

All in all – a good day.

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