Our Last Day in the Timeshare Condo

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Aug 26 ~ Day #108
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Current Location: Kissimmee, Florida

Accommodation: $30.00

Our Last Day in the Condo

Today’s our last day in the timeshare condo. From here on we will be tenting until we leave for Europe on September 5th.

Yes, a Purse IS a Necessity

I don’t know how most women feel about their purses, but I’d feel lost without mine.

So why I am mentioning something like that?

Well, all we’re taking to Europe is our backpacks. It would be really silly to carry a purse and a backpack.

HOWEVER, We will be checking our backpacks at Miami airpot and we are flying through Madrid on the way to London. That means not only do we have to change planes in Madrid but so does our luggage.

There are certain things that I simply will not risk in checked luggage. Things like the laptop, wallets (with credit cards, etc.), Passports (duh!), my jewelry, important papers (reservation confirmations, etc.) and our camera.

So, I initiated a campaign to convince Geoff that I needed a purse, of sorts.

It would have to be small enough and pliable enough to fit into one of the pouches on my backpack, but large enough to take all the stuff I refuse to check with the luggage,

Yes, girls, I was on a mission!

Back to the Flea Markets

When we had gone to the flea markets earlier I had seen some bags that might fit the bill.

These bags (can’t really call them purses) were tapestry, so they could be folded up while they were empty and all the stuff I planned to put in them was still in the backpack.

One of my goals was that even the laptop should be able to fit in the bag giving us (well, me) only one thing to carry after we had checked the backpacks.

Another criteria was that it not only be functional but it also needed to be cheap. After all, I didn’t really need another purse. (Did I say that out loud?)

Found the Perfect Purse

After dragging Geoff around numerous flea market stalls, and visiting some of them more than once (hey, I had to compare features, qualities and price – right?) I finally found the one I wanted.

This bag was a kitty cat motif tapestry, so it would fold up nicely. It had an inside and outside zippered section and the main section itself also zippered shut and then velcroed shut for added security.

It also had its own change purse and an elasticized net pouch on the outside for a water bottle. And, it looked like it should be large enough for the laptop, but we didn’t have the laptop with us so we couldn’t be absolutely certain.

Believing all my criteria had been met, I bought it for a total cost of $5.35 including tax. No, that’s not a typo – $5.35 is correct.

Will the Laptop Fit?

The only thing I wasn’t absolutely certain of was whether or not the laptop would fit.

We had the laptop with us in the car so we immediately gave it a try.

It was like it was made for it! It slid right in and the main zipper of the bag closed snuggly over it. Yay!

Now I don’t have to worry about the stuff I refuse to check and I’ll also have a purse of sort when we’re doing sightseeing and stuff.

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