Our Introduction to Wii

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Aug 31 ~ Day #113
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Current Location: Davie, Florida

Accommodation: $27.20

Traveling = Meeting Great People

At many places along our travels we’ve met some terrific and interesting people and this stop is no different.

There have been times that we wished we could stay longer and get to know our new friends a little better.

But our schedule for this trip requires that we move on when we’re supposed to.

We certainly hope to be keeping in touch with people we’ve met along the way.

Our Introduction to Wii

Neither of us are in to video games. You know, the shoot-em-up or car racing ones. They just don’t seem to have any particular point to them.

However, in the club house here, there is a Wii set up and someone was playing Wii tennis.

It actually looked like a lot of fun. The lady playing tennis showed us how it works and instructed us while we played a few sets ourselves. Then she was done for the night and encouraged us to take over and explore the other games as well.

These video games are not only fun, but they get you up and moving as well.

Tennis to Bowling to OUCH!

From tennis we moved on to bowling which was also a blast. You actually go through all the same motions as if you were actually bowling.

As I have not actually bowled in years, my leg muscles started complaining, particularly my thighs – OUCH!

You Want to Read the Manual? Really?

I’ve never been much for reading manuals for stuff like this. Just show me the basics and let me go. I’ll discover other stuff along the way, just by doing.

Geoff, on the other hand, likes to know how things work and why they work that way. So, he took the manual back to our tent to study it – honest!

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