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Oct 23 ~ Day #166
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Current Location: NH Forum Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

Today’s Total Expenses: $171.70

Transportation: $98.46 (€67.72 bus to Barcelona + €2.80 bus to hotel)
Accommodation: $73.24

Miles Traveled Today:
Road Miles: 288 (Dénia to Barcelona)

Taking the Bus from Dénia to Barcelona

There was more than one choice of bus going from Dénia to Barcelona, but only one going during the day.

It turned out that that one was also the shortest (time wise) to get to Barcelona. The ones that went overnight took as long as 14 hours. Yikes!

However, we wanted this to be a sightseeing experience as much as we wanted it to be a mode of transportation, so we took the bus leaving at 10:00am and arriving in Barcelona at 6:00pm.

That’s right – it was an eight hour bus trip.

However, surprisingly enough, it simply didn’t seem like it took that long.

In several places we were able to see the coastline and there were several stops along the way. At some of them we had a half-hour to 45-minute break to get out and stretch our legs or get something to eat.

We had packed a lunch before leaving the unit that morning to take with us on the trip so we had water, sandwiches and grapes. Plenty of food for the trip.

We didn’t want to be forced into buying overpriced food and bus stations along the way.

Where Go Where? And Do What?

It seems that when people give directions for things that are second nature to them some important details seem to get left out.

At the information booth at the Barcelona Nord Bus Station, we spoke with a woman whose English was impeccable and asked where we would find the bus we needed.

Geoff had already printed out directions from the Barcelona Bus System’s website, so we knew which bus we needed to take.

Her directions seemed simply enough – go upstairs, out the door and across the street. And, that’s exactly what we did.

However, all we saw were taxis and absolutely nothing that resembled a bus stop – not to us, anyway.

We walked up and down the street the main bus station was on but were still confused.

We stopped to talk to a motorcyclist, who spoke no English, to see if he could help. Just as we were getting across the concept that we were looking for Bus 54, he pointed at a bus (Bus 54) that was coming down the street.

I pretty much jumped into the middle of the street and indicated that we wanted to get on.

The startled bus driver pointed to a bus stop just around the corner and we hustled over there and got on the bus.

Geoff explained, or tried to, where we were going. The bus driver seemed to indicate that the street we were looking for was 16 stops along the line. The instructions Geoff had said it was 15 stops. So, we didn’t know if he was counting the stop we were getting on at or not and it was just too complicated for people who didn’t speak the same language to get that figured out.

Finding Our Hotel

We counted the stops, got off at the 15th stop (not counting the one where we got on) and found we were at the right street.

The instructions we had was that it was about a 10 minute walk from the bus station to the hotel.

Now, remember, we’ve both got rather heavy backpacks on and are carrying some luggage as well and we’re very, very tired. But, what do you do?

So, we headed off in the direction that we were pretty sure was right and just a few steps along – there was our hotel! Yay!

The gentleman that checked us in spoke perfect English and we happily dropped our backpacks in the room and relaxed for a while.

We still had some sandwiches and water left over from our trip and that became supper.

We did a quick walk around the area we were in and then just settled in for the night.

The room was fairly basic but also fairly new and very comfortable.

Our bed, however, was two singles pushed together – and made up separately. The beds were also on wheels so you had to make sure you didn’t roll over onto the crack between the beds because if you did the beds would roll apart and you could possibly end up on the floor.

Hey – it almost happened to me!

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