Green Haven Sun Club, Balgonie, Saskatchewan

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Current Location: Green Haven Sun Club, Balgonie, Saskatchewan

New Friends
We arrived at Green Haven late on Tuesday night and there were only a few people on the grounds. Many people from Regina and the surrounding area have permanent campsites here but they generally only come out on the weekends.

Since this is a long weekend more people than usual are stretching the weekend (Thursday July 1st is the official holiday) so the camp has been gradually filling up.

Naturist Lifestyle
This blog is primarily about traveling on a minimal budget so we have not said much about the naturist camps we have stayed in along the way. However, I think we would be doing our readers a disservice if we failed to point out the advantages in staying at clothing-optional camps.

Friendly People
We are always amazed at how welcoming and friendly everyone is compared to a textile camp (non-nudist). We have stayed at many regular campgrounds and never exchanged a single word with any of our fellow campers.

Value For Money
Prices vary, but on average you pay about the same to stay at a clothing-optional campground as a textile one. The difference is that most camps have a pool, hot tub and free hot showers. You generally get to use the clubhouse and its kitchen, plus things like pool tables, darts, possibly a sauna etc.

Northern based clubs will often have a community campfire at night where everyone meets whereas in a textile camp you have to buy the wood for your own personal fire that you sit by alone.

No Laundry
A final benefit that is important when you are traveling as light and as long as us is that in a clothing-optional camp there is no laundry to do.

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