Narrowboats – Day 6 – Trent/Mersey Canal

Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

Sep 17 ~ Day #130
Budget to date
Spent today
Total to date
Daily average
Miles by Road
Miles by Sea
Miles by Air
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Total Miles

Current Location: Burton On Trent – Trent/Mersey Canal System

Today’s Total Expenses: $70.38

Transportation: $70.38 (combination of transportation & accommodation)

Miles Traveled Today:
Sea Miles: 6.5 (canal miles)

Great Breakfast Before Getting Underway

E made some terrific omelets for all of us this morning before we cast off again and continued our journey back to Sawley Marina.

More Team Work

We, again, took turns at the tiller, that is until we got close to locks or into busier areas or tight spots, then we would relinquish the tiller to Geoff who had a much steadier hand for such things.

Both E and I got quite proficient at handling the locks, but E had it down pat and I followed her lead.

We were both good at mooring the boat when necessary as well and getting on and off the boat at the locks, without much delay.

Branston Water Park

Now, I know that most people, when they hear “water park”, think of water slides and wave pools. I do, too.

However the water park at Branston is simply a park area that has a lot of water space. This area is protected for wildlife and waterfowl. There are no slides or wave pools here.

It is a lovely, peaceful area and this is where we decided to stop for lunch today.

What’s the Rush

At the next lock we came to we were met by a very impatient woman. I really can’t say what her problem was but she made it pretty clear that we weren’t moving as quickly as she thought we should be.

Locks can only be worked a certain way. You’ve got to wait for each step to be complete before you can go on to the next one.

We certainly weren’t dawdling and we are now fairly proficient with working the locks but she sure seemed miffed about something.

Oh, well. Life’s just too short. We didn’t let it ruin our day but I can’t speak for how her day was going.

Wild Blackberries

On the outbound leg of our journey we had made a mental note of an area where there seemed to be a lot of blackberries still on the bushes.

We kept a look-out for the spot and were able to pull over and moor the boat along a section of bushes that appeared to be waning but still had some pickable fruit.

We got off the boat, containers in hand, and began picking what we could. A lot of the fruit was very, very ripe and we were getting stained fingers because the fruit was so delicate.

We actually managed to pick a fair bit considering it was pretty late in the season and we combined our treasure with some apples and nectarines to make a pretty tasty fruit crisp for dessert.

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