Narrowboats – Day 5 – Trent/Mersey Canal

Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

Sep 16 ~ Day #129
Budget to date
Spent today
Total to date
Daily average
Miles by Road
Miles by Sea
Miles by Air
Miles by Train
Total Miles

Current Location: Town of Alrewas on theTrent/Mersey Canal System

Today’s Total Expenses: $70.38

Narrowboat: $70.38 (combination of transportation & accommodation)

Miles Traveled Today:
Sea Miles: 7.4 (canal miles)

Two Birthdays to Celebrate

Today we have two birthdays to celebrate for two granddaughters – both K and C – Happy Birthday to both of you! Love you both!

Time to Turn Around

As we headed out this morning from Killington, still headed in the wrong direction, we were definitely feeling the pressure to get turned around so we could get back to the marina on time.

As we passed some other boats headed towards us we inquired about the location of the next winding hole. One person didn’t seem to know, another told us it wasn’t too far down the road.

It was E’s keen eye that finally spotted it – really nothing more than a scooped-out section of the bank on one side – just past Tamhorn Farm Bridge.

Geoff executed a near-perfect three point turn and we were finally headed back the way we had come, with some time to make up.

More Rain?

Well, after all, this is England, right? So I guess we should have expected a certain amount of rain.

We pulled over and decided to have lunch while waiting for the rain to pass.

Back to Alrewas

We all took our turn at the tiller while heading back and, as luck would have it, we made it through the swing bridge, 90 degree turn and lock at Fradley Junction and all the way to Alrewas before we stopped for the night.

We even had time to visit that wonderful butcher shop and picked up the makings for a liver dinner.

That meant that Geoff would be doing the cooking tonight and, as always, his liver dinner was to die for!

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