My First Visit To Victoria, British Columbia (BC)

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June 13 ~Day #34
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Current Location: Victoria, BC

I have been backwards and forwards across the US and Canada many times but I never made it to Vancouver Island. I was really looking forward to visiting Victoria as Vicky has always said such good things about it – I was not disappointed.

At Sea
But I’m getting ahead of myself we still had most of the day at sea. I don’t know why Holland America scheduled things the way they did but we were not due to arrive in Victoria until 4pm – and then leave at 10pm.

I suspect it has more to do with corporate profits than anything else but I’ll get into that in more depth when I do a wrap up of our cruising experience later this week.

We have always been asleep when arriving at the previous ports but this time we were able to be on deck to marvel at the process.

We used to have a 27’ sailboat which I docked many times but I cannot imagine bringing this monster in as gently as our pilot did to the dock in Victoria.

The dock ends in a parking lot and from our vantage point on deck nine forward it appeared that we were going to stop in one of the spots reserved for the tour buses. But after we disembarked it was clear we had a good ten feet to spare. Not bad for a ship this size.

Victoria – First Impressions
This is a beautiful city and it is really too bad most of the passengers will not get a chance to experience it. By the time we got off the ship and into downtown it was almost 5pm and the shops and street vendors were closing.

We spend a very enjoyable couple of hours looking around the harbour and the main downtown area before heading back to the ship to grab a quick supper and our bags.

The cruise actually ends tomorrow back in Seattle but since our personal next stop is at Vicky’s brother in Nanaimo we are leaving the ship here in Victoria.

Going through Canadian Customs was very easy and we were soon in a taxi headed for our hotel. We had pre-booked two nights at the Red Lion Inn through CheapOstay and got a good rate of $60 a night for an efficiency unit including all taxes – that’s Canadian dollars so we will convert it for our expenses chart.

The Liquor Store
Booze is not a big part of our lives but we do enjoy a drink once in a while. We refused to pay the exorbitant prices aboard ship so had been teetotal for two weeks. The Red Lion Inn has a liquor store attached so we grabbed a six pack of hard cider to quench our thirst.

Tomorrow in Victoria
Unlike our fellow passengers we will have the opportunity to spend the whole day exploring Victoria before we catch the train to Nanaimo on Tuesday. If my first impressions are anything to go by this looks like it will be the best port on the voyage.

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