Mosquitos, Mosquitos and MORE Mosquitos!

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June 30 ~Day #51
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Current Location: Green Haven Sun Club, Balgonie, Saskatchewan

Today’s Total Expenses: $62.24

Accommodation: $24.00
Food: $38.24

Mosquitos Everywhere

We knew we were in trouble when we set up the tent last night and a hungry hoard of mosquitos descended on us.

Lots & Lots of Rain Followed by Sunny Weather

That’s what happened here in Saskatchewan. There was so much rain that a portion of the Trans Canada Highway collapsed near Saskatchewan’s border with Alberta.

So now there is a lot of standing water and hot, sunny weather – a perfect environment for mosquitos to breed.

No Rest At All

If either of us got any sleep at all last night, I’m sure it wasn’t much.

I guess we expected to be bitten while we were setting up the tent, although the sheer number of mosquitos was totally unexpected.

What we weren’t prepared for was the second onslaught as we tried to settle down for the night.

Lurking in every corner of our tent and Jeep (don’t forget that we actually sleep in the Jeep) were hundreds, if not thousands, of bloodthirsty mosquitos.

We both got up several times through the night to try and kill as many as we could. It wasn’t a pretty sight. Many of them had already bitten us, so when we squished them they spurted blood – OUR BLOOD!

There are now blood stains on the tent walls and even on the ceiling of the Jeep. I have no idea how I’m going to clean that up.

But it didn’t matter how many we killed, they just kept coming – wave after wave.

We even tried to bait them. We would each take turns just laying there and letting mosquitos land on us while the other one killed as many as possible.

Nothing worked. Nothing stopped them from biting us, buzzing in our ears or even trying to fly up our noses!

In despair, the only thing we could do was to cover ourselves completely with our sheets and blankets and try to get some fitful sleep while being dive-bombed all night. If an errant piece of flesh poked out, rest assured, a mosquito was on it.

Without a doubt, last night was the worst night we’ve had on this trip. I’d happily put up with freezing water pouring on me again or frosty nights. They’re a piece of cake compared with last night.

Taking Action

From what I saw, I do believe that Geoff suffered more bites than I did. And, that’s unusual. Any biting insects just seem to love me.

The main difference between us, though, is how our bodies react to the such bites.

Geoff says his bites are no longer itchy. I sure wish I could say the same. Mine are horribly itchy, red and welted. I really do try not to scratch. I know it will only make things worse. But, sometimes it is nearly impossible not to give in.

We both decided that we can’t possibly go through another night like that. We may even have to leave this campground.

In an effort to try to control the situation and salvage the days we had planned to spend here, we headed into Regina in search of an anti-itch cream, some insect repellant to prevent more bites and an insect spray, like RAID, to kill the ones still hiding in our tent and car.

Our first stop was Costco, who was totally sold out of both repellant and insecticide spray.

Looks like were weren’t the only ones to be experiencing this problem.

Next stop was Wal-Mart who was ALMOST sold out but we did manage to get a can of RAID and a bottle of Muskol lotion but their shelves were pretty bare.

Wish Us Luck

We have now liberally sprayed both the Jeep and the tent and plan to do so again a couple of hours before bedtime.

I have applied my anti-itch cream, which is helping a bit. We have both slathered ourselves with the Muskol lotion, yes, we even put some in our hair as the little buggers (pun intended) even bite us on the scalp. And, we will do that again before bedtime as well.

Stay or Go?

If we are able to get the situation under control and get a good night’s sleep then we will probably stay a few more days. If not, then we will have no choice but to move on to somewhere with less of a mosquito problem.

Canada Day

Finding an alternate place to stay may be a problem in itself as tomorrow is Canada Day.

Mosquito Post

I’ll bet you weren’t expecting a post all about mosquitos, were you.

I’ll let Geoff tell you tomorrow about how things go tonight.

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