Minnesota to Wisconsin to Michigan

Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

July 18 ~ Day #69
Budget to date
Spent today
Total to date
Daily average
Miles by Road
Nautical Miles
Miles by Air
Miles by Train
Total Statute Miles
3856 [4437]

Current Location: Marquette, Michigan

Today’s Total Expenses: $129.10

Transportation: $42.59
Accommodation: $59.95
Food: $26.56 ($22.38 restaurant, $4.18 groceries)

Heading Towards Southern Ontario

Today we continued on our way to my Dad’s in Grimsby, Ontario, not far from Niagara Falls.

As usual we let Madge, our Magellan GPS, lead the way – well, sort of.

Initially she had planned to take us across the border into Canada at Sault Ste. Marie. We didn’t want to cross there for a couple of reasons. First, we have driven that route many, many times. Second, we wanted to remain in the US because both the gas and accommodations are cheaper in the States and we had already decided that we were staying in a hotel for at least one night. I’m sorry, but Canadian hotels are just too expensive.

So, we gave Madge different instructions that would insure that we cross the border at Port Huron, keeping us in the US longer.

Minnesota to Wisconsin to Michigan

The route, therefore, took us from Minnesota, through a small section of Wisconsin and into Michigan.

In places the drive along the southern shore of Lake Superior was spectacular.

Marquette, Michigan

We arrived in Marquette, Michigan early in the evning and decided it was time to stop for the night.

Marquette Motor Lodge

We stopped at the Marquette Motor Lodge hoping that a small, family-run motel would be our least expensive option.

I believe that it was but it was still more than we had hoped to pay. But, being that it is now summer and Marquette is a tourist area, the best rate we could get was $59.95 taxes in. It was a queen-size bed and clean. A bonus was the terrific restaurant right next door.

Wahlstrom’s Restaurant

If you are ever in Marquette, Michigan you simply MUST stop at Wahlstrom’s Restaurant. Their daily special and homemade pies are simply out of this world!

For dinner I ordered a 1/4 chicken dinner and Geoff ordered a 1/2 chicken dinner – these were two of the daily dinner specials.

The dinners came with mashed potatoes (even these were special – red potatoes mashed with the skins on, a hint of onion and very creamy), steamed veggies (real veggies, too – carrots, broccoli and cauliflower – and still brightly colored and crisp), stuffing and gravy. Everything was simply delicious.

Total cost for such an amazing meal? Less than $20 for the both of us including the tip!

Although their pies looked absolutely amazing we simply didn’t have room for dessert. We were stuffed!

Now we just need to let dinner settle before we call it a night.

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