Milton, Florida – (Sunburst Resort) to Houston, Texas

Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

May 13 ~ Day # 3
Budget to date
Spent today
Total to date
Daily average

Current Location: Houston, Texas

Today’s Mileage: 607 Total: 1285

Today’s Total Expenses: $94.83

Transportation: $44.00
Accommodation: $50.83

Mad Dash

We had very ambitious mileage plans for today that, unfortunately, just didn’t work out. We had hoped to get from Milton to San Antonio in one day and as we started our drive we realized that that just wasn’t going to happen.

We slept in a bit – not a bad thing, really. After all this trip is not about getting across the country at breakneck speed. So, we didn’t get on the road until about 10am – after we’d had breakfast and broke camp.

However, we did end up pushing pretty hard and didn’t get into a motel just outside of Houston until about 10pm.

That leaves us only about 200 miles to San Antonio, so tomorrow should be a pretty easy drive.

Keeping Expenses Low & Popcorn in Mississippi

We were able to keep our expenses down to just gas and the motel. We already had enough food with us for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Also, along the way we stopped at a Mississippi Welcome Center and apparently this is National Tourism Week. It was amazing, there was a band playing, we were greeted by some lovely people from Mississippi Tourism who were giving away free bags of popcorn. I love popcorn! We had a great chat and got a few more samples of stuff from other people that had set up booths to celebrate National Tourism week.

It was wonderful, so “Hi!” to the great folks from Mississippi Tourism.

We had planned to camp but it was just too late at night to even think about putting up the tent let alone look for a camp ground. So we chose the Day’s Inn option.

King Size Bed!

On the plus side, that gives us an Internet connection, a king size bed, a bath tub that I intend to soak in for a while, air conditioning and a free continental breakfast.

We will be camping in San Antonio.

I have learned on this trip that I can actually type stuff into the laptop while Geoff is driving. As a kid any time I tried to read in a moving vehicle I would get a horrible case of motion sickness. Seems like that doesn’t happen any more – or at least it hasn’t yet. So far, so good.

Now – on to San Antonio!

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