Meeting Friends in Coventry

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Sep 10 ~ Day #123
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Current Location: Coventry, UK

Today’s Total Expenses: $56.82

Transportation: $55.40 (£27.00 bus to Coventry + £8.00 for Tube)
Accommodation: $0.00
Food: $1.42 (£0.90 – juice)
Entertainment: $0.00

Miles Traveled Today:
Road Miles: 88 (London to Coventry)

Losing Money to an Automated Ticket Machine

Well, we were all packed and checked out of our hotel in time to make our way to Victoria Station and catch a bus to Coventry to meet up with our friends T & E.

So, there we were with our loaded up backpacks getting our tickets, or at least trying to, for the Docklands Light Rail and the Tubes in order to get to Victoria Station.

Unlike our other days in London, when we would get an all-day ticket, today we just needed one way for each of us.

We pushed all the right buttons and started putting our £1.00 and £2.00 coins into the slot. However, the machine neglected to register – or return – one of the £2.00 coins and, of course, wouldn’t give us our tickets because it was still expecting another £2.00. So, we fed it another £2.00 so we could get out tickets.

We noticed there was a gentleman collecting money from the other ticket machines and resetting them. What luck! we thought.

We approached him and explained the problem – the machine had taken £2.00 more than it was entitled to. Could he please correct the problem?

Well, apparently he only collects the money from the machines and has nothing to do with fixing them or making refunds in such cases.

All he could do was refer us to the customer service number and the customer service email address. He also advised us to take down the number of the machine that had screwed up.

Truthfully, he wasn’t very helpful or understanding at all. But, we thought, we could talk to a real person when we got to the Tubes and perhaps they could do something.

Well, no they couldn’t. Apparently the DLR (Docklands Light Rail) is actually operated by another company and all he could do was give us the same customer service info. But, at least he wished us luck!

Small World

After getting off the Tubes at Victoria Station we had a bit of a walk to get to the bus. Remember now, we’re traveling with fully loaded backpacks.

With all this exercise it seems only fair that we should be losing some weight, but things never seem to work that way. Sigh.

Anyway, as we were trudging along towards the bus station we noticed someone displaying a Canadian flag on their backpack, just like we were.

So, we said “Hi”.

Our fellow Canadian has just arrived – that morning – from Montreal en route to visit a friend. She was also heading towards the bus station but wasn’t exactly sure of where she needed to be going.

Having been to the bus station on previous days, we were able to point her in the right direction.

It always amazes me what a small world this truly is – and – how many Canadians seem to be traveling in any given country at any given time.

Arriving in Coventry

After a pleasant enough bus ride we arrived in the Coventry bus station and looked around for our friends.

Not seeing them right away we headed for a bank of pay phones and gave them a call.

They had been waiting for our call as they weren’t sure if we would be arriving by bus or by train.

Unfortunately, we neglected to ask them where we should meet them at the bus station so we tried to pick what seemed like a good spot just outside the bus station and waited for them to drive by.

After just a few minutes, E came out of the bus station and said that T was parked just a short walk away.

It was good to see them again as it had been several years, though we had stayed in touch by email and Skype.

Take-Away Indian Food

The meal for this evening was to be take-away Indian food and it was delicious and the company was wonderful.

We were staying at the boarding house where T stays during the week until we left for the narrowboat trip on Monday.

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