Norwegian Jewel of the Seas

May 6, 2018 – Boarding Norwegian’s Jewel of the Seas in San Juan

It’s boarding day!

There was no rush to get to the port, so we took our time with breakfast and getting re-packed.

The hotel called us a cab and the fare to the cruise port was $25.00.

While waiting for our cab we met several other people who were headed to the same ship!

Easy Check In

On most of the cruises we’ve been on, the check in process is sometimes slow and a little stressful. There are often long lines just to get to the check in agents and then another long wait for your group to be called so you can actually join the line of people boarding the ship.

Well, none of that happened this time. Check in was pretty simple and, once that was complete, we were able to board the ship immediately – no crowds – no long lines.

Once on the ship, we were also able to go directly to our cabin. That doesn’t happen often, either. But this allowed us to drop off our hand luggage. Our checked luggage would find its way to our cabin, eventually.

Exploring the Ship

We spent time exploring the ship and learning our way around while waiting to set sail.

Great Dinner Companions

We were lucky to find we had great dinner companions at our table and made introductions all ‘round.

Evening Entertainment

Our first evening’s entertainment was a Canadian comedian – Landry – and he didn’t disappoint.

And, before we knew it, we were on our way. Rome, here we come!

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