Malaga, Spain

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Oct 27 ~ Day #170
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Current Location: On Board the Celebrity Century visiting Malaga, Spain

Today’s Total Expenses: $112.39

Cruise: $102.34 (cruise cost includes transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment)

Transportation: $10.05 (local buses)

Miles Traveled Today:
Sea Miles: 544.3 (473 Nautical Miles – Barcelona to Malaga)

Visiting Malaga, Spain

We walked into Malaga and spent time wandering along the beach and exploring the city.

We had been to this area of Spain before but it was many, many years ago – 1990! So, of course, it was like discovering it all over again.

Local Transportation

There were tours and excursions for this area but we decided to just hop on the local transportation to see where it took us.

We spent a good bit of time riding the local buses and getting a feel for the city. We took three different local buses and got a view of the coast and the hills.

Lovely Dinner

Tonight our choice for dinner, for the both of us, was a lovely steak and then Tiramisu for dessert.

This being a North American cruise line, we had lots of water with dinner and a hot cup of coffee with our dessert!

Time Warp

Of course, as we start heading back to North America, the time is going to change. Tonight was the first night we had to put our clocks back by one hours.

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