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Nov 02 ~ Day #176
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Current Location: On Board Celebrity Century En Route to Miami

Today’s Total Expenses: $102.34 (cruise cost includes transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment)

Miles Traveled Today:
We will record the miles for the Atlantic Crossing on November 8th when we arrive in Miami

Galley Tour

What cruise is complete without a tour of the galley?

Today was the day that they were offering the galley tour and we decided to take advantage of it.

The size of the galley and the amount of food they prepare there is simply staggering. And, because we are now at sea for an entire week, they had to make sure they had enough food on board for everyone for the entire week. There would be no ports where they could top up anything that might be low.

I find it amazing that they can pretty accurately predict how much they’re going to need of each item. But, I guess they’ve been doing this for a while, so there must be some type of formula that applies.

Changing Our Dinner Seating

We decided to change our dinner seating to the earlier seating today. I was finding that I was much too full when it was bedtime and wasn’t sleeping well because of it.

The people we were seated with on this cruise were very nice, very interesting people and it was sad to be leaving them, but I’m sure we’ll be running into them around the ship.

Even though we were supposed to have the early seating tonight at about 6:00pm, we’re weren’t quite ready to eat that early, having been used to dining later.

So, tonight we just ate at the dinner buffet on the Lido deck at about 8:00pm.

Too Much Food, Too Little Resistance

The dinner buffet on the Lido deck can be quite dangerous. At least in the dining room you pick ONE meal and ONE dessert.

Here on the Lido deck you can choose from ALL the items that are available in the dining room and have a little bit, or a lot, of each.

It’s just too easy to say, “I’ll just have a little bit of this and a little bit of that.” because that all adds up to a lot of food!

From our dinner on the Lido deck with then went to late Show at 9:15pm.


The entertainment tonight was a violinist who was quite good but I neglected to record his name in my notes.

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