Sunburst Resort, Milton, Florida

Lutz, Florida – (Lake Como Resort) to Milton Florida

Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

May 12 ~ Day # 2
Budget to date
Spent today
Total to date
Daily average

Current Location: Sunburst Resort, Milton Florida

Today’s Mileage: 383 Total: 679

Today’s Total Expenses: $115.20

Transportation: $95.16
Accommodation: $17.04
Food: $3.00

Camping Aches and Pains

I’ve only camped a couple of times in my life and Vicky hasn’t camped since she was a kid. Our first night under canvas was not the most comfortable. Once we rearrange the mattress as Vicky explained yesterday I was able to get to sleep but I sure needed my Ibuprofen this morning.

Lake Como Resort

Lake Como resort is a permanent or winter home to about 500 people and there are some pretty spectacular mobile homes and RV’s parked on the grounds.

By the time we had our oatmeal and coffee, struck the camp, and completed a conducted tour of the grounds, we were late getting on the road. It was past 10am before we got on the road so it was good we did not have plans to go a long way.

Today’s Goal

We have driven across the US and Canada several times but always using the Interstates and have never had the chance to really enjoy the trip. We want to slow down this time and only travel in daylight. Also the Magellan GPS system allows us to explore some of the smaller highways that we would not have attempted if all we had was a map. We have decided to name the female voice of the GPS system, “Madge”. Not very imaginative but it works.

Today’s goal is the Sunburst resort in Milton, Florida which is almost to the Alabama border. That’s just over 400 miles so if we were not going to face putting up the tent in the dark we needed to get cracking.

Vicky had made some beef and cheese wraps so we didn’t have to stop for lunch. It also helps to keep the cost down and it is much more nutritious than stopping at some greasy fast food joint.

Sunburst Resort, Milton, Florida

Good Job Madge

“Madge” (Magellan GPS) directed us flawlessly without using an Interstate highway but it was a good job we are traveling west and are able to take advantage of the extra hour you get when crossing time zones. By the time we got to the Sunburst resort the sun was setting and we still had to set up the tent and the Jetboil.

This time putting up the Sportz SUV tent was easy and only took about ten minutes. The Jetboil however was not behaving like it did yesterday. I thought at first we may have already gone through a whole can of fuel but connecting a new can did not improve things. It was still working but not anywhere near as efficiently as it did yesterday. I think the fuel line is clogged but I will have to wait for daylight to check it out.

When we checked in to Lake Como yesterday we were unpleasantly surprised to learn that we (me) had not fully read the fine print. We ended up paying $18 each for ground fees and $12 for camping for a total of $50. And that’s after our AANR membership discount.

Sunburst Resort

The Sunburst resort on the other hand just charged a single $16 ground fee and the camp site was free. With tax we paid a total of $17.04. That certainly helps to keep our daily average expenses down.

Our New MacBook Pro

One thing I had not allowed for was how long it takes to configure your computer the way you like it. We have a couple of Mac desktops at home with all the websites we check and their passwords stored in Firefox. Everything gets backed up each hour to the Apple Time Capsule and I could have brought that with us to make a mirror copy of our systems. I didn’t because the new laptop we chose for the trip – a 13″ Powerbook – does not have a hard drive big enough to hold a copy of the almost maxed out home system.

Consequently I’m turning the car air blue quite frequently as I realize there is yet another resource I don’t have readily available. Truthfully I also thought blogging along the road would be much easier but by the time we reach our destination I’m not much in the mood to edit video, register software and download updates. This will get much easier when we get somewhere we can spend some time.

We are planning a couple of days in San Antonio soon so maybe we can get caught up then. It’s easy enough to write while Vicky is driving – like now – but you, our readers, don’t get to read it until it is polished and uploaded.

We are doing the $100/day challenge to prove that even baby boomers with limited resources can travel the world and enjoy retirement to the full. We would really like to hear from you with questions and suggestions. We will respond, although that will be subject to getting a decent Internet connection.

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