Kodiak, Alaska

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June 09 ~Day #30
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2288 + 421 = 2709

Today’s Total Expenses: $222.76

Krappy in Kodiak

If you’re on an Alaska cruise and Kodiak is not on your itinerary don’t worry about it you’re not missing anything. Kodiak is a fish processing port. Even the cruise director said it’s a fifteen minute walk into town, fifteen minutes to look around, fifteen minutes back and you’re done.

Just as well really cause I was still feeling pretty crappy. Just went back to the cabin and slept while Vicky worked on the computer.

By the time evening rolled around I was feeling much better but not ready to face a formal night. After years of living on a small island in the Bahamas I figure I’m dressed up if I’m wearing shoes.

Anyway we went to the Lido deck where jeans are OK and I managed to eat a little but really didn’t have much in the way of appetite.

Vicky was really looking forward to the Chocolate Buffet to be held at midnight. I’m sure she will have more to say about it tomorrow but it was not what we were expecting.

All the chef’s and culinary staff worked very hard to present an incredible desert extravaganza but it was mostly the same things we had seen for deserts other nights, just dressed up a little.

Tables had been placed all around the pool loaded with cakes, pastries, ice sculptures and chocolate fountains. Apparently it took 50 hours work to put it together and would take less than an hour to consume.

If I had been feeling more like myself I may have appreciated it more but all I could see in my mind were pigs at a trough. It is amazing just how much food some people can pile onto a small desert plate. I can’t help wondering how much gets wasted.

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