Ketchikan – Alaska Cruise Day 3

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June 02~Day #23
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Location: Ketchikan, Alaska

Accommodation: $222.76

Mileage: 676 nautical miles

Time Zone Change

As we headed towards Ketchikan we also crossed into another time zone and the clocks were set back an hour giving us either more party time or sleep time. I’m afraid we chose the extra sleep time. I guess we were still trying to catch up on our sleep from our 40 hour experience.

Shopping, Coupons and Free Stuff

When we boarded the m/s Amsterdam in Seattle, we were given a large book for coupons that covered the ports of Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway.

Many of the coupons offered free gifts without any purchase necessary. I know I don’t really need most of this stuff but I just can’t resist. So, coupon book in hand, we headed down the gangway and into Ketchikan.

The Weather

The weather, unfortunately, was overcast and rainy but we tried not to let it dampen our spirits and we began to explore our first Alaskan town.

I’m not sure I ever seen so many jewelry or souvenir shops all in one place before. A lot of the jewelry was beautiful and even, sometimes, tempting, but I stuck to my free coupons and collected all my “loot”.

I have collected coins and charms (you get the whole set of eight by visiting the designated shops in Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway). I have also collected some other lovely items like a pearl pendant, pearl earrings, a charm bracelet and other items.

We did a small walking tour to Ketchikan along with taking a ride on the free shuttle.

Keeping Expenses Down

In keeping with our goal to keep our expenses under control for the 6+ months that we are traveling, we bypassed any excursions or attractions but still managed to enjoy our day despite the weather and the crowds.


That’s right – I said crowds. There were four cruise ships in port, some considerably larger than ours. At times, apparently, there can be as many as seven cruise ships in port, swelling the town to more than twice it population for a few hours.

Formal Night

This was our first formal night of the cruise. I wore my favorite “little black dress” and Geoff looked extra spiffy in his white dinner jacket and black pants.

We have lovely dinner companions at our table from Colombia who have traveled extensively and their English is just so much better than our Spanish. But the conversations are enjoyable and we are using the few Spanish words we know.

We are actually seated at a table for six but so far whoever is supposed to occupy the other two seats have not yet shown up.

We are also very lucky to have a window table with lovely views whether in port or underway.

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