Jeff Trachta and Juneau, Alaska

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June 11 ~Day #32
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Current Location: Juneau, Alaska

Today’s Total Expenses: 222.76 + $28.00

Entertainment: $28.00

It Would Be Beautiful If The Sun Was Shining

Yes the rain is back. If you are planning a trip to Alaska be sure to pack rain gear and umbrellas – you will need them. I guess we have been quite lucky with weather; the only bad days have been in Ketchikan and here in Juneau. Of course the locals don’t notice the rain until it’s falling horizontally but I think that’s because they’re covered in moss.

Juneau, Alaska’s Capital
Juneau is unique as the only state capitol that you cannot drive to. The only way in or out is by sea or air – there are no connecting roads.

Mendenhall Glacier

If you take the highway out of town just past the Costco, Walmart and McDonald’s you will find the Mendenhall Glacier. It really is that close. The tour is advertised for $7 – that’s $7 each way per person for a total of $28 which takes you to the face of the glacier in Tongass National Forest.

We would have liked to have stayed there longer and taken some of the hiking trails but the rain was pretty miserable and we are not equipped for it.

More Jewelry Stores

I hope I don’t get Vicky in trouble with other woman but she is fairly practical when it comes to jewelry. She has a few nice pieces but she doesn’t pester me all the time for new trinkets.Over the course of the cruise we have been following a kind of a treasure hunt using the coupons in the book we got when we boarded. If you visit each of the stores you get different coins and charms free at each store. It’s just junk but I’m sure the grandkids will like them.
Anyway the collection is now complete so we could get back on the ship, out of the rain and grab a late lunch.

Another Formal Night

Formal nights on a cruise ship are one of the few remaining chances the average person has to dress up. I would probably feel a whole lot better about it if I had a tailored Tux.

I grew out of my last tux many years ago and never bothered to buy a new one. What I really need is a big cumber bun to hide my big tummy.

My current dinner jacket does not fit well and I frankly find ties about the most uncomfortable thing there is to wear. We have clothes for six months traveling packed into one duffel bag – there is not a lot of room for fancy duds.

Dinner and a Show
Except in our case – since we have late sitting – it’s show and dinner.

This was the best show of the cruise. We have never heard of Jeff Trachta but apparently he was on the soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful for several years and appeared on Broadway in Grease. We thought he would just be some pretty boy singer but wow were we wrong.

He has a high tech show that uses pre-recorded video of him playing multiple parts that make up his chorus. He has a great voice plus he is possibly the best impressionist I’ve ever heard. All in all an excellent hour.

This was followed by a surf and turf dinner ~ almost worth getting dressed up for.

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