Inside Passage to Ketchikan

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June 01~Day #22
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Current Location: At Sea Between Seattle and Ketchikan

Today’s Total Expenses: $222.76

Alaska Cruise Cost

Vicky did a nice long post yesterday but she didn’t say anything about the cost of the trip and how we are showing it on this blog.

As you might expect, the cost of your cabin is based on size and position. A suite with a balcony can cost a small fortune but if you settle for a small cabin on the lowest deck in the center of the ship (no windows) it can be much more reasonable. And guess what, the small cheap cabin goes to all the same places the expensive one does. You also get served the same food and the entertainment is also the same.

There are many ways to get the best deals on cruises which we’ll cover in our book but for this particular cruise the best price was $2895.92. This is not the advertised price; it is the total for both of us including port taxes.

Since the cruise is for 14 days that works out to $206.85 per day, all inclusive. That’s not too bad but quite a bit more expensive than the other two cruises we have booked for later on in this adventure.

The final port before we get back to Seattle is Victoria, BC, which is out next planned stop. Rather than travel back to Victoria from Seattle we have arranged to disembark in Victoria which means we will forfeit one night’s accommodation and one dinner and breakfast. So our actual cost is $2895.92 divided by 13 which is $222.76

Inside Passage – Overcast and drizzle

The Inside Passage between Vancouver and Vancouver Island has some spectacular views of the rugged Canadian wilderness – at least it would be if only the sun would come out. The sun teased us yesterday with a brief appearance as we left Seattle but has been absent ever since.

Internet Access – Sort Of

The cruise literature promises Internet access on the voyage and indeed a satellite connection is available while we sail. What they don’t mention is that the connection is very slow and the charge for using it is between 40 and 75 cents per minute plus a $3.95 activation fee.

Other Things They Don’t Want You To Know

OK there isn’t really a conspiracy of silence but there are a couple of things in the fine print that you need to be aware of when booking a cruise.

1/ The cruise line will likely put a hold on your credit card to cover any anticipated purchases. In our case Holland America is charging $60 per day per person which works out to $1680 for our 14 day cruise.

Of course if you don’t charge anything to your room that money will be released but you do need to have the room on your credit card or may not be allowed to board – check your fine print.

2/ You will automatically be charged $11 per day per person for gratuities. At the end of the cruise you can dispute this charge after you get your final bill and pay whatever you think is fair in gratuities but you do need to allow for it during the voyage.

Personally we believe in tipping for excellent service and do not think it should be automatic.

First Port Ketchikan, Alaska

The clocks go back 1 hour tonight and we dock in Ketchikan at 7am when we get our first look at Alaska.

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