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Who Are Geoff & Vicky Wells?

Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

- Dylan Thomas - 1914-1953

Before we talk about who we are we want to talk about why we are creating this site and what’s in it for you if you decide to follow us.

We think we have a pretty good life and it’s a life that many people could have if they only knew how to get it.

In this blog we plan to share our secrets with you and take you along on our journey.

We won’t hold anything back because we passionately believe everyone deserves the chance to live the best life they possibly can.

We are sharing a lot about who we are so you can judge if you want to be our friends. We have a lifestyle, we have opinions and we have plans that are almost certainly at odds with a significant percentage of the population - nothing radical or crazy. While we welcome discussion, that’s not what this site is about. So if you have any problems with the following please search for another site that more closely shares your views.

Who are we?

We are a Canadian couple that has been married for 34 years, (1988). This is the second marriage for us both.

We live in a small town on the shore of Lake Superior but we travel quite a bit, particularly in the winter.


As we write this Geoff is 76 (May 1946) and Vicky is 71 (July 1951). Our health is excellent, we eat well and exercise regularly.


Canadian politics are different to the US, which is where we expect most of our readers to live, but if we lived in the US we would vote Democrat. Not because we disagree totally with some Republican views but because in the last few years the Republican leaders and much of the membership has gone bat shit crazy.


We are unapologetically atheists but don’t care what god you pray to. If you are a devout believer in any particular doctrine this blog is probably not for you.

Blog Topics


We recently discovered David Sinclair, a Harvard Medical researcher on life extension methods and we are following his research. We believe in intermittent fasting so only eat between 1pm and 7pm We are vegetarians but not the nutty kind. We eat fish and if a friend invites us to dinner and they serve meat we will eat it and compliment them accordingly. We believe a plant based diet is the key to a long and healthy life. We also believe the resources devoted to raising meat animals contributes to climate change. Animal cruelty laws should be extended to cover meat animals.


We have each lost 30 lbs over the last year but that’s just half what we need to lose. We go to the gym every day we can and walk several miles if we can’t.


We love to travel and have been digital nomads since before it was a thing. Vicky is a travel agent and many of our blog post follow our adventures.


Unless you’ve been asleep for the past few years you know that online income is the new gold rush. The key to lifestyle freedom is learning how to get your share of the gold. Many of our posts are about how you can learn this new skill. You may be surprised to learn how little you need to totally change your life.


This is a blog written by a couple of old geezers that refuse to give up and play dead. We follow the latest research on life extension and let you know what’s happening.

While we wait for the immortality pill we’ll show you how to make enough money to change your lifestyle and live what years you have left traveling to whichever destinations remain on your bucket list. 

Since we practice what we preach you should assume that any link on this site is an affiliate link and will provide us with a small commission should you purchase what is offered.


We were married on August 8th, 1988 and we agree that it was the best decision either of us as ever made. 

    Geoff Wells


    Geoff has a BCompSc in Data Management but has had a life and career full of many challenges and triumphs. 

    Author • helicopter pilot • restaurateur • computer programmer • computer game developer • website developer • magazine editor & publisher ….

    You get the idea. It’s probably easier to list the things Geoff hasn’t done.

    And, even at 76, he refuses to let age slow him down … well, maybe just a bit.

    When asked, as a child, what he wanted to be, his precocious response was, inevitably, “Retired!”

    However, “retired” doesn’t mean the same to him as it does to most people. His interpretation of the meaning is:

    • you don’t HAVE to work

    • you don’t work for anyone else

    • whatever work you choose to do is based on your own interests and passions

    So, when he says he’s retired - please refer to the above explanation of what he believes that to be.

    Geoff, along with wife, Vicky, are now happily “retired” and they get the most enjoyment out of planning, and executing, each new adventure.

    Bio by Vicky

    Vicky Wells


    Vicky's early career was in customer service which she pursued with her usual passion and became the department manager of a large international machinery manufacturer.

    She then authored a book on customer service and became a consultant to companies throuout North America.

    Now 71, her new passion is creating healthy food and spreading the secrets to long life and happy marriage.

    Although Geoff proclaims she is a wonderful cook and maintains a beautiful house he knows better than to call her a "house wife", should a lose his head.

    Unable to sit still for more than five minutes she has now passed the Ontario exams and become a travel agent which allows here to get the best deals for us, our family and all of you reading this.

    Bio by Geoff

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