Inception at IMAX Pointe on International Drive

Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

Aug 24 ~ Day #106
Budget to date
Spent today
Total to date
Daily average
Miles by Road
Miles by Sea
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Total Miles

Current Location: Vacation Village at Parkway, Kissimmee, Florida

Accommodation: $30.00
Entertainment: $28.00

Today’s Total Expenses: $58.00

More Rain? Yep!

We woke up to overcast skies and it wasn’t long before it started to rain yet again.

The forecast on the Weather Channel calls for scattered thunderstorms EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Watching the Tropical Updates

We currently use the Weather Channel on TV and the National Hurricane Center online to follow any activity in the Atlantic. and, it looks like things are starting to heat up.

Fortunately, it looks like we don’t have to worry at all about Danielle. But now there’s Earl and something else behind that.

Keep your fingers crossed that there’s nothing we have to worry about over the next few months of hurricane season.

Over the past few years it seems that most of the hurricanes have been going further North than usual. As a matter of fact, over the last 5 years Geoff’s daughter in Halifax has been hit twice, while we got nothing.

It also looks like she may have to worry about Danielle.

Unfortunately, the Weather Channel really only cares about hurricanes that may threaten the US. So, there’s not a whole lot of information about ones that threaten the Bahamas or Atlantic Canada.

Following the path online at the National Hurricane Center is a bit better but still slanted towards US interests. Not surprising as these are US sites.

Checking Out the Travel Club We Just Joined

We managed to get a temporary membership number from Global Discovery Vacations as we still have not received our regular number by email. That was promised to be available to us no later than Monday (yesterday) and still nothing.

Anyway, we have the TransAtlantic Cruise to book and have already determined the best price we can get on our own online. We called and spoke to the travel agent part of the club and they gave us the same price we could get ourselves!

I told them that and they said that certain cruise lines (this one is Celebrity) will not allow travel agents to discount their cruises. So, in this case, the travel club does us no good.

Next, we asked them to find a hotel close to the cruise port in Barcelona for around $60/night. They came back with three hotels ranging from $150 to $250/night and said that was the best they could do.

Again, we can do much better on our own using CheapOstay. And, we told them that, too.

One More Chance

We decided to give the travel club one more chance to prove that they are worth the membership fee.

One of the things they do is offer condo stays around the world. So, I checked for what condos they had available for a certain time frame.

For the entire two week time frame that I checked the ONLY condos they had available were on the Texas Coast. Really? Nothing else? That’s just way too restrictive for our needs.

Our decision was clear – this travel club would just not work for us.

We contacted our salesperson and they told us it was no problem to cancel, we just have to send our cancellation to Global in writing. I’m hoping we can do that by email, we’ll see.

We’ll keep you posted on this.

TransAtlantic Cruise Booked

We went ahead and booked the TransAtlantic Cruise on our own because the travel club couldn’t get us a better price. We certainly don’t want to use them if we’re canceling our membership.

We will be leaving Barcelona on Oct. 25th and arriving in Miami on November 8th. That’s a full two week cruise and we paid a total of $1432.74. That works out to just over $100/day and that includes food, accommodations, entertainment and transportation. A pretty good deal, actually.

I did check airfare and it was only a couple of hundred dollars less. It was a no-brainer to take the cruise.

Inception at IMAX

Tonight we treated ourselves to a movie. We’ve been wanting to see Inception and it was playing at the IMAX theatre in Orlando.

We had seen Avatar at this same theatre in April, but that was in 3D. Inception was not in 3D.

It’s a good movie and certainly worth seeing. We’re just not sure if it was worth paying the extra to see it in IMAX.

But, hey, at least in an IMAX theatre I don’t need to put my glasses on to read the credits. They’re not tough to read when the letters are several feet high!

See the movie, but it’s up to you if you want to shell out the extra to see it in IMAX.

We actually went to the late showing – 10:30pm. As it’s almost 2-1/2 hours long, that means we didn’t get out until after 1:00am!

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