Holidays In Europe – A Few Of The Best Destinations

It is often said that, whereas some continents provide interesting, but almost predictable holiday experiences, Europe has something for everyone. You want to go skiing? The best places in the world are Switzerland, France and Italy. History is your thing? Greece and Italy are second to none. Maybe you would like a fusion of historical architecture and a modern, cosmopolitan atmosphere with trendy, fashionable bars and cafes? Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, London, Prague and Rome offer all of those things in abundance.

As there are so many great countries and cities in Europe, this guide should go some way to advise you on some of the coolest places to go next summer.

One of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, let alone Europe is Spain. Spain is a country that offers everything anyone would want from a holiday. If it is long, white sandy beaches you want, Spain has got it. If you want good food in posh, expensive restaurants and five star hotels, Spain has it. If you want water sports, hiking trails, or rock climbing then look no further, Spain is the place to go.

Switzerland is a country that is as famous for its mountains and lakes as it is for its banks and its neutrality. The picturesque regions of Lucerne and Interlaken are internationally renowned for their sheer beauty, whilst a flip of the coin reveals areas like Geneva and Zurich which have a real modern, cosmopolitan vibe combined with historic architecture.

One country that needs no real explanation is Italy. Not only is Italy famous for its amazing food and great scenery, but it is also, arguably, the cultural center of Europe. Italy’s capital city, Rome, has so much to offer tourists that it is difficult to see and do everything in a year, let alone a few short weeks. The one place everyone should visit in their lifetimes is the Coliseum. The Coliseum was first constructed as a gladiatorial amphitheatre which also hosted public speaking events, maritime battles and other spectacles to a total capacity of 55,000 people. Today it is partially ruined due to a number of earthquakes and stone-robbers, though its beauty still remains.

Although the next place is a bit of a wild card, it really needs to be seen to be believed. Croatia is a country that has been rocked by a huge number of wars over the years and thus its cities all show signs of previous destruction, but contrary to that, the countryside looks more like an untouched paradise. One place of particular note it the Plitvice Lakes national park which contains a total of 16 lakes, well-known for their distinctive colors which seem to constantly change with the weather.

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