Happy Anniversary

Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

Aug 11 ~ Day #93
Budget to date
Spent today
Total to date
Daily average
Miles by Road
Miles by Sea
Miles by Air
Miles by Train
Total Miles

Current Location: Highway Rest Area in Florida

Road Miles: 563

Today’s Total Expenses: $89.62

Transportation: $86.00
Food: $3.62

Happy Anniversary

Today is the 20th anniversary for Geoff’s daughter and her husband.

Happy Anniversary J & P. Hope you have a great day.

Lots of Miles

Today was another day spent putting lots of miles behind us.

At this point most of the highways are starting to look the same – long stretches of asphalt flanked by trees with lots of exits boasting hotels, gas stations and restaurants.

For some variety, now that we are in Florida, some of the trees on the side of the highway are actually palm trees.

Do I sound like I might be getting a bit tired of the drive?

Well, not to worry, we’ll be recharging for a couple of weeks at timeshare condos in the Orlando area.

Think of it – full kitchens, kingsize beds and lots of room to stretch out!

A Case of False Economy

We again decided to stop at a rest area in lieu of either camping or a hotel. Money just seems to be going way too fast and we saw this as a way to, metaphorically, put a finger in the dyke. And, you know, it might have been okay were it not for a suggestion I made at a weak moment. But that’s part of tomorrow’s post.

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