Grocery Run To Publix

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Sep 01 ~ Day #114
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Current Location: Davie, Florida

Today’s Total Expenses: $57.35

Accommodation: $27.20
Food: $30.15

Grocery Run

We took stock of the food we had and did some meal planning for the rest of the days we have before our flight to the UK.

It was clear that we needed a few more things so that the meal combinations didn’t become too weird.

There is a Publix grocery store just a couple of miles from the camp so we detached the Jeep from the tent and headed over. Having so much selection in the grocery stores really makes it difficult to keep your purchases down to only a few items.

We managed to keep our fresh produce purchased down to a few potatoes, a cabbage, a few tomatoes and a small bunch of bananas.

We also had both been craving something sweet over the last few days as we hadn’t been having any sweets or desserts at all.

We weakened and bought a fresh-baked apple pie. Geoff cut in into 8 pieces so we can each have a small slice each night we have left here.

Even with trying to be very conservative, we still managed to spend $30 with only 4 days before we leave.

Is Wii Addictive?

This evening we were back in the club house to take another crack at the Wii games and we’re still hurting from yesterday!

We expanded our horizons a bit. In addition to playing tennis and bowling again, we also tried Frisbee, Wakeboarding, Canoeing and more.

I can see these types of video games becoming addictive. But, hey, we’re getting exercise too, so that can’t be so bad.

We may actually have to buy one of these things for ourselves.

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