Grand Canyon to Monument Valley

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May 20 ~ Day # 10
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Current Location: Monument Valley, Utah

Today’s Mileage: 258 Total: 3056

Today’s Total Expenses: $73.55

Transportation: $46.05
Accommodation: $24.80
Food: $2.70

We should have anticipated how cold it would get at night but we didn’t so consequently we spent most of the night cuddling for warmth and not sleeping (OK it wasn’t so bad). The camp sites at Mather are nice but there aren’t any showers so we just applied liberal amounts of deodorant and huddled around our steaming mugs of coffee until the sun started to warm things up a bit.

On our first visit to the Grand Canyon, several years ago, we were absolutely blown away by the size and spectacle of the place. This time we knew what to expect so although the vistas are just as grand there is not as much of a wow factor.

We wanted to see some of the views that we did not see the first time but the signs within the park are very poor. Even Madge (our GPS alter ego) couldn’t help. She new the way but the roads she wanted to direct us down were closed. I’m amazed at the amount of data packed into this little GPS unit – it even directed us right to our campsite – amazing technology.

Time was getting on so we decided to call the Grand Canyon done for now. One day we would like to return when we have more time so we can hike some of the trails and take a rafting tour down the Colorado. I guess we will need to book that rafting trip pretty soon as I understand they are booked years in advance.

If you have ever seen a movie where folks are out in the desert and there are rocks sticking out of the ground that look like ice cream cones, chances are that was filmed in Monument Valley. The John Wayne movie Stagecoach was shot here along with many other classic westerns.

It is located on the Arizona, Utah border in Navajo territory.

The route to Monument Valley took us back to Flagstaff and then north east on highways 89, 160 and 163.

It’s only about 250 miles so we arrived around 4pm and looked for somewhere to stay the night. After last night’s cold we looked first for a reasonably priced highway hotel but the only vacancy we could find was a $200 a night suite at Goulding’s.

Fortunately Goulding’s is a complex with rooms, tours, stores and RV camping. They had a couple of tent sites still available so we grabbed one. It was over 80ºF and we were at a much lower altitude so we hoped it would not get too cold.

The campground is well laid out, clean and they have an indoor swimming pool. After pitching the tent the first thing we did was head to the pool for some relaxation.

Then it was supper and a movie I had on the MacBook.

Thankfully it was a very pleasant night and we awoke warm and refreshed ready to explore Monument Valley.

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