Getting Our Ducks in a Row

Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

Sep 03 ~ Day #116
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Current Location: Davie, Florida

Today’s Total Expenses: $27.20

Accommodation: $27.20

Getting Our Ducks in a Row

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about what needs to be done before we head over to the UK on Sunday.

Okay, Okay, I’ve actually been stressing about stuff. Not a good idea.

Being uncertain about when or where we might have an Internet connection means I want to make sure that I’ve covered everything that needs an Internet connection.

Getting Excited

Actually, we’re both looking forward to spending some time in the UK. I’ve never been there and Geoff hasn’t been back since he left in 1963.

He plans to show me where he grew up and I expect that it has probably changed a lot in the time he’s been away.

We are also going to spend a few days exploring London before heading off to Nottingham for a week on a narrow boat with friends.

Missing Home a Bit

Even though we’ve been enjoying this trip and are really looking forward to the European part, at times we long for the comfortable and familiar routine of being home.

It’s still almost 3 months before we head back home and, yes, we miss it.

Too Much Downtime

Perhaps this week of downtime has given us time reflect and, therefore, long for home.

I’m sure once we are presented with new places to explore, the excitement of a new adventure will supplant the longing for home.

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