Geezers Strike Gold in Sitka, Alaska

Our transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment cost so far

June 03~Day #24
Budget to date
Spent today
Total to date
Daily average
Miles by Road
Nautical Miles
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Total Statute Miles
676 + 223 = 899

Current Location: Sitka, Alaska

Accommodation: $222.76

Mileage today: 223 nautical miles

Geezers Strike Gold
The prize draw took place at 6:45pm outside the ships jewelry store and yours truly was the winner of $50 worth of gold chain. I’m not sure exactly what happened but it turns out that only the winning ticket was mine the prize was Vicky’s.

Funny how that happened but I wouldn’t have had much use for a gold chain anyway. Vicky apparently knew precisely what to do with it and now has a new charm bracelet.

Sun in Sitka
Before the excitement on board we spent a very enjoyable day in Sitka, Alaska. We have been in the North West for more than two weeks now and the phrase we have heard most often is, “It’s lovely when the suns out”. Today we actually got to see for ourselves. The sun shone in Sitka and it was lovely.

Sitka does not have a cruise dock so the only way to get from the ship to the shore is via a tender. By the time we had finished breakfast the crew had launched several life boats and lowered a gangway from the side of the ship. Shuttling back and forth it took very little time to get everyone that wanted to go ashore on land.

Not Like Ketchikan
Sitka is very different from Ketchikan. Where Ketchikan is a series of jewelry stores clinging to the side of an island, Sitka is a quaint but modern family town with well cared for houses and pleasant parks.

Downtown Sitka
We caught the free shuttle bus at the tender dock and rode it for what seemed like only half a mile to downtown Sitka. From there we explored the stores and the ocean side park. It was very relaxing and the sun felt good after so many days of overcast and rain.

Getting Wet in a Good Way
We made it back to the ship in time for lunch and a shower. Yes, the shower was on the fritz again so we had to leave in the morning after only a a quick sink wash of the smelly bits. Fortunately the plumber had everything working again so we were now fit to go out in public.

Free Internet
We grabbed our MacBook and headed back into town and found the library. We had been told they had free wifi, which they did. I was able to get caught up with our posting and emails. It has only been a couple of days since we logged on but between Vicky and myself we had over 2000 emails – most of which were spam – I hate spammers.

Last Tender
By the time we were done we only just made it back to the dock in time to catch the last tender to the ship. Time for some tea and pastry then on to the drawing for the gold chain – which is where I started.

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