Fly Naked!

Flying days always start out okay. Up and packed in lots of time, the free hotel breakfast is uninspired but adequate, the shuttle gets you to the airport then you get to airport check in. The process just gets longer and longer. We had already bought and paid for our tickets, we had used the machines to check in and scan our passports but we still had to shuffle our way along the line snake to pick up a boarding pass. Of course the experienced traveler knows this is just the beginning – next comes the baggage check line.

Fly Naked!

If we really want to send the terrorists a message that we can’t be intimidated we should start flying naked. Think about it – no need for x-ray machines or endless discussion on the merits of the new full body scanners. Just let it all hang out with nothing to hide. You’d know your fellow passengers could be trusted because only us morally decadent infidels would stoop to such behavior.

The lineups would disappear and the skies would once again be safe.

But There’s Still the Weather

For whatever reason, it seems airlines will avoid telling you the truth about delays. The announcer just says flight so-and-so will be 2 hours late and passengers for flight this-and-that have been transferred to flight whatever leaving tomorrow.

We just sit and sit. I daydream about sitting next to Angelina Jolie on a Naked Air flight.

It’s now long past the time we should have arrived home and we still haven’t left Miami.

Turns out there was a major storm front that passed through the area and everything was grounded. Anyway, eventually we are on our way and to make up for the delay, American Airlines has a free open bar. Too bad it is such a short flight but since we have been stuck in an airport and haven’t eaten all day, that is probably just as well.

Funny thing about coming home, the familiarity of the surroundings starts to erode the memories of your trip. In a day or two it is almost like you never left home.

Guess we’ll just have to take another trip very soon.

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