Finally Found the Beach in Dénia!

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Oct 21 ~ Day #164
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Current Location: Ogisaka Gardens, Dénia, Alicante, Spain

Today’s Total Expenses: $44.59

Transportation: $6.98 (€5.00 – bus)
Accommodation: $28.14
Food: $9.47 (€6.78)

Miles Traveled Today:

Costa La Calma

Today we decided to take the bus in the other direction along the coast.

This trip was much, much longer and the end of the line was at a small river emptying into the ocean. There was only a footbridge across this little river.

More Walking

We, again, did lots and lots of walking. Some of it along the beach, some along the sidewalks when we thought there might be interesting things to see in the small towns.

Some of the beaches are groomed, some are not and I’m really not sure what the criteria would be for the beaches that are, or are not, cleaned.

Checking Out Real Estate

We passed many, many real estate agents along our walk but most of them were closed.

We did stop by one that was open and the lady there was very, very helpful.

We explained that although we are looking to move to Europe, we haven’t actually decided where. And, on top of that, we will probably rent for at least a year before we buy anything.

This did not deter her enthusiasm at all and she was happy to give us all the info we wanted. She also suggested that she show us a rental property to give us some idea of what was available in the area.

She showed us a lovely 3-bedroom house on a decent piece of land that was only steps to the beach. It came furnished and with all the dishes and linens as well.

It was, however, a bit out of our budget at about $1200/month (€850/month) if you rented it for a year. If you rented it for just the winter months then it would be only $1050/month (€750/month) because the high season here is the summer. You see, they get about $10,000 (€7000) for just July and August. So, often it’s more profitable for them to let it just sit empty during the low season than lower the monthly rate for a year long, or six month long rental that includes those months.

But, all this did give us some idea of what we could expect to get for what we’re willing to pay.

What Is It About Me and Insects?

It seems that no matter where I go if there are any biting or stinging insects in the area they will find me!

And, today was no different.

While we were walking along the beach a felt something on my thigh and brushed it away. Wrong thing to do!


I saw the wasp that I had just brushed away on the ground at my feet. But, he somehow had plenty of time to sting me!

I immediately headed for the ocean and splashed the sting area with salt water. It didn’t seem too bad – at first. Over the next few days it would get much worse, with the red area spreading across quite a large portion of my thigh and swelling as well. Not to mention it got quite itchy for a few days, too.

It seems I just can’t escape this kind of thing no matter where I go. Sigh.

It’s Melting … Melting

On the way back to the timeshare unit we stopped and picked up a few more groceries.

We were both in the mood for some type of dessert and we bought what we thought was simply a frozen cake.

You see, we didn’t have a freezer in the tiny little fridge in our apartment.

Any way, when we took the cake out of the fridge for dessert we found that it was, or rather HAD BEEN, an ice cream cake.

It was a little runny and a little messy, but we still enjoyed it for dessert.

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