Father’s Day in Chilliwack

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June 20 ~Day #41
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Location: Chilliwack, BC

Today’s Total Expenses: $76.66

Food: $76.66

Father’s Day

Today was Father’s Day and my sister and I were able to contact my Dad and wish him a Happy Daddy’s Day!

Sadly, my Dad is the only Dad left now. Geoff’s Dad passed away some years ago as did my brother-in-law’s Dad. But they are, of course, still in our memories.

However, Geoff, of course is Dad to his daughter “J” and he was very pleased to receive a Happy Father’s Day email from her.


Yes, more laundry again today. Does it ever end?

Traveling light is great, but it means that the laundry needs to be done way more often.

At least this means that we head out tomorrow with clean clothes.

Yes, unfortunately, this is our last day with family for a while. Next family will be with my daughter and her family in a couple of weeks.

Stocking Up on Groceries

Today we made another trip to the supermarket to stock up on groceries before we head out. Again, it was tough not to buy too much. Actually, we probably did buy too much but were at least able to restrain ourselves from buying WAY too much.

Repacking the Car

As we get ready to head out again tomorrow, we’ve made an attempt – well, Geoff has, actually because I’m not very good at this – to repack and reorganize the car.

It’s really packed well but considering that we are “traveling light”, there doesn’t seem to be much room in the car once it’s packed. With everything in place there is just enough room for me and Geoff in the front seats. All the other space is taken up with the tent, the cooler, the groceries, our clothes, etc.

Turkey Dinner

My sister decided to send us off with a wonderful turkey dinner with all the trimmings on our last night staying with them.

We all enjoyed it immensely and all agreed that turkey is great any time, not just for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Thanks again for the fantastic time we’ve been able to spend with you guys!

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