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Oct 19 ~ Day #162
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Current Location: Ogisaka Gardens, Dénia, Alicante, Spain

Today’s Total Expenses: $56.69

Transportation: $3.49 (€2.50 – bus)
Accommodation: $28.14
Food: $25.06 (€17.95)

Miles Traveled Today:
Note: we will only record miles when traveling from place to place and not within a town or city.

Looking for the Beach

From the map we got from Tourist Information here in Dénia, it looked to us like the entire coastline of Dénia was beach.

So, packed lunch, blanket and water in hand, we headed off to catch the local bus (there are only 4 local buses, 3 of which drive along the coastline and 1 that goes to the hospital).

The route we were taking was called Las Rotas and we were able to catch it just down from our timeshare.

It arrived more or less on time – hey, this is Spain, after all. We got on and paid our fare – €1.25 each, which seemed reasonable until we realized just how short a trip it was.

We had actually walked almost halfway ourselves the day before. And, as we found on our walk there really wasn’t a whole lot of beach, but we were hopeful that we would find more beach as the map seemed to indicate that.The map also indicated a naturist beach at the end of the bus line.

End of the Line

We hadn’t been on the bus for what seemed like a very long time when it backed up in front of a seaside restaurant and was then headed back in the direction we had come.

Yep, this must be the end of the line.

So, we got off and still couldn’t see anything but rocky coastline, but did not give up hope.

This is a Beach?

We walked to the end of the road and saw a small – very small – hmmm, I’m really not sure I can call it a beach, more a patch of gravel. But, it was on the ocean and it even had steps down to it.

According to our map this was La Cala Naturist Beach. There was barely room of half a dozen people!

We thought perhaps we had the wrong place, so we continued to walk up the hill next to the beach to see if there was anything more beyond here. But, no, this had to be it.

There were actually several people there, none apparent naturists. So, we spread our blanket and had our lunch and spent some time in the sun.

Being “beachologists” ourselves and having written the book, The Elusive Beaches of Eleuthera, we would not have even mentioned something like this as a beach let along named it, but there it was on the map.

Heading Back

Just before 3:00pm we decided to head back to our timeshare. We thought the buses ran more or less every hour and we had been dropped off around 20 minutes past the hour when we arrived, so it seemed reasonable to assume that the return bus should be there at about 3:20pm, right?

On closer examination of the posted bus schedule, we noticed that there was a two hour break at that time of day and the next bus wouldn’t arrive for at least another hour.

More Walking

Rather than wait for at least another hour we decided to start walking back figuring, if we got too tired, we could always head back up to the main road and catch the later bus at some point in its journey.

Coastal Walkway

The coastal walkway at this end (southern?) of Dénia is actually quite impressive and makes for a pleasant walk. For a lot of the way it is paved with flagstone and concrete and closer into town it is paved with interlocking stone.

There are many benches placed all along the route so you can stop and rest and enjoy the view and sound of the ocean.

We so enjoyed the walk that it seemed like no time before we were back to the section that we had already walked the day before.

So, there was no point in taking the return bus anyway, we were almost home and it had only been about an hour.

This was a way more pleasant way to spend the hour we could have spent just sitting and waiting for our bus.

More Groceries

We stopped at the small grocery store just a little ways from our timeshare and picked up a few more groceries – and a little more wine, too!

We had found a lovely Sangria and decided to get some more. Now, don’t go thinking that we’re spending a lot of money on wine that we are reporting in our daily expenses. Any such purchase is included in the Food expenses category. And, this Sangria was only €1.45/litre (about $2.02) and it was very nice.

We also found some red wine and white wine that were in the same price range – or cheaper – but the Sangria was by far the best.

Laundry and Relaxing

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing laundry (that is something that, on such a long trip, we just can’t ever seem to escape) and relaxing.

Relaxing with some Sangria, cheese and grapes, that is!

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